Vinhomes La Seine Villa With The 5-Star Facility Complex

The Vinhomes La Seine project in District 9 is one of the “hit” projects, which can be said to create a great shock in the Southern real estate market in general and in Saigon in particular because of the golden value that Vinhomes La Seine has brought people.

Every apartment or villa has its own advantages and disadvantages, but more or less there are disadvantages. However, the majority of the high-end luxury apartments have a few disadvantages because the investors always want to bring benefits and convenience for customers.

The VinGroup is famous for all the heart and enthusiasm of its “child” – The Vinhomes La Seine – with the desire to bring the most value for those who own it.

Why is the Vinhomes La Seine so expensive? Which utilities does it bring? Let’s explore and analyze these values.

As previous projects under the Vinhomes brand, Vinhomes La Seine Vinhomes project in District 9 will also be invested in a perfect internal infrastructure such as:

– The commercial center for those who loving shopping or mothers, this is nothing more wonderful than the high-end shopping, so you can easily shop for everyday household items for your family’s daily life.

– Swimming pool is spacious, swimming is one of the sports for fitness and beauty. You can relax to enjoy the sunshine in the morning, listen to the melodious music. In Vinhomes La Seine, you enjoy and experience all those feelings.

Potential of Vinhomes La Seine project in District 9 Ho Chi Minh City

– Luxurious cafes in the moment of the sun falls, from the large balcony, with the cup of coffee, you can enjoy the sunshine in the Saigon River, then the city scene gradually lights up after the sunset, the shimmering color lights will create a colorful picture for you.

– Fresh entertainment area Life is more and more modern, people are revolving around this cycle. The children are now much more disadvantaged than before. The entertainment space has been narrowed down and the number of the industrial parks, the export processing zones, factories, etc. is more and more increasing. However, with Thu Thiem, you do not have to worry about that problem, there are many amusement parks waiting for you.

– The water music square brings the comfort of Saigon for residents here.

– Large green park & gymnasium for the elderly with long rows of trees, watching the flowers blooming or enjoying the smell of flowers and plants is the best environment for people. Watching the grandparents practicing and the smile on their lips with the tattered stories in old ages are quite perfect.

– Children’s playgrounds residents here can play with their kids on the green lawns, play outdoor games and watch the children observe the natural world with so many new things, play folk games such as kite flying, catching the ball. You can see clearly, your children will be guaranteed to live in the best environment.

– Relaxing garden after stressful work, taking a rest with a cup of coffee and reflecting on the work of life. Looking at people running with the busy time funds in the quiet moments, it is so wonderful, right?

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What is the utility of the traffic?

– With the favorable location, the Vinhomes La Seine is located at the intersection of Phuoc Binh Ward and Long Thanh My Ward, the front of Nguyen Xien Street.

– From Vinhomes La Seine, you just take only 2 minutes to the District Administrative Center. You also take only 3 minutes to go to high-tech area or to Suoi Tien with only 8 minutes.

– From Vinhomes La Seine to Thu Thiem new administrative center, it just takes about 12 minutes through D2 high-tech zone and to the center of District 1 with 15 minutes through the expressway.

With a mission to bring better life for the Vietnamese, the projects are developed by the VinGroup stretching on Vietnam. The Vinhomes La Seine is the “child” that this corporation aims to bring the best living values.

With the golden values bringing to your life, let’s come to Vinhomes La Seine to enjoy a wonderful colorful life.

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