Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony: When Green Is Green

With the development of the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony’s newest subdivision, Vinhomes Riverside’s desirable greenery will add green when it owns 12.4 ha of regulating lakes, 6km of canals and 10.5 ha of trees.

Eco estate “a lot of guests”

With new “taste”, Hanoi’s rich people are moving to buy the high-end real estate in eco-urban areas, of which important factors such as modern conveniences, security and community level really become the “golden” plus points for the project.

In the capital, wealthy households with more than 20,000 USD per year are forecast to double in the 2016-2020 period. This is also a regular clientele of luxury real estate properties such as villas and luxury townhouses, especially the products are located in the urban ecological enough to separate from the noise of the streets but close enough to enter the center. In the long run, the green real estate has the potential to increase prices, the more popular trend of this type of products increasingly hot.

Vinhomes Riverside project

Vinhomes Riverside owns a high density of green equivalent to Singapore, Asia’s most green island

Meeting the needs of green living of the upstream community of Vinh city, the Vinhomes Riverside eco-urban area was born in 2011, features pictures of luxury villas located along the canal. With low construction density (21%) including 60 hectares of green space and 12.8 km of canals, the Vinhomes Riverside is a “green pearl” in the middle of the East bank of Hanoi. In fact, with the green density of up to 60-70 sqm per person, equivalent to the green density in Singapore Island, Asia’s “greenest” country, residents will enjoy a healthy living space, in contrast to the lavish streets.

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Being considered as one of the leading real estate projects in the segment of villas and townhouses, the Vinhomes Riverside takes the lead in realizing the idea of a class city with harmony with nature. The gold standard for ecological life is the reason why the number of multicultural families living in the Vinhomes Riverside is no less. The Vinhomes Riverside has more than 3,000 inhabitants living in five villas with a majority of residents are businessmen, artists or senior leaders.

Vinhomes Riverside project

Stepping into Vinhomes Riverside is to a different green, four-leaf greenery.

The Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony: life is full of green

Stepping into the Vinhomes Riverside is to a different green, four-leaf greenery. The vegetation here is extremely rich with up to 12,000 green trees consisting of about 100 different species ranging from shady trees, fruit trees to flower beds, bushes and lawns.

With the development of Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony’s newest subdivision, the Vinhomes Riverside’s desirable green area will be green when Phase 2 of The Harmony owns a 12.4-hectare lake, 6km of canal and 10km of a canal and 5ha pure trees.

Vinhomes Riverside project

Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony: a harmonious blend of East-West architecture

Latest information from the investor, expected to work the lake will be released on 25/11. In addition, more than 100 downtown privileged amenities such as the Vinschool School, 3 clubhouses, a central square, lake golf course, nursery garden, outdoor swimming pool, is also being rushed. In October and November, the Vingroup started handing over the first villas in the Phong Lan sub-area, Huong Duong sub-area and part of Que Huom sub-area of the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony.

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Mr. Han Hai (41 years old), who owns a clean food business and was one of the first to receive a new home, said: “My family has three children. In Nui Truc, I rarely have time to take my children to school. Partly because of busy, partly because of inconvenient winter road and school children are far too. I think moving to an eco-urban area is really investing in future generations. I want my child to live in a natural environment. Also, I would like to have more time near my children. With the presence of such projects as the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony, it can be said that this dream is within the reach of many people like me. “

Vinhoems Riverside project

Great living environment between nature and people in Vinhomes Riverside.

Currently, the investor is deploying program “Villa to – Super fashion car” lottery win Mercedes-Benz GLS400 193 600 USD and more than 300 valuable gold for customers who order the Vinhomes Riverside – The Harmony to 25/11/2017. The total value of the prize is up to 704 000 USD.

Especially, customers will be offered preferential gift packages such as 10-year service fee, the VINECOM card worth 2200 USD or the VinID Gift Card worth 8800 USD when ordering villas at different sub-zones.

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