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Vinpearl is committed to invest in Sai Gon Safari Park

Vinpearl is committed to invest in Sai Gon Safari Park

On May 23, HCM City People’s Committee Chairman Nguyen Thanh Phong has approved the policy of Vinpearl JSC to invest in Sai Gon Safari Park.

City People’s Committee proposed Vinpearl to study and accept comments from departments, such as reducing the rate of land for golf courses and hotels, to save more land for outdoor activities, outdoor sports another, increase the rate of zoos; diversified, diversified types of activities … to supplement and adjust the detailed planning task of 1/2000 scale of the project.

In addition, Vinpearl also needs to propose 2-3 alternatives to choose the optimal solution, send the opinions of the Department of Planning and Architecture and related departments and sectors to review, evaluate and submit to the City People’s Committee June.

Vinpearl is committed to invest in Sai Gon Safari Park
The delay of compensation, resettlement make many people back to occupy the land of the project.

In addition, the City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Planning and Investment to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with related departments and units to guide and support Vinpearl to quickly implement the necessary procedures in accordance with the regulations for early development. project implementation; Compile reports and proposals City People’s Committee review and submit for standing comments City Party Committee.

In the course of implementation, if any difficulties, obstacles beyond authority, City People’s Committee suggested the unit timely report and proposed the City People’s Committee to resolve.

According to the City People’s Committee, Saigon Safari Park project is a large-scale project, the City People’s Committee has directed compensation, ground clearance and construction investment since 2004. However, for some objective and subjective reasons, the project has not yet started construction, causing waste and urgent among the people.

“At present, the number of entertainment venues attracting tourists in the city is small, not meeting the demand and not creating premise to encourage tourism development and stimulate investment. Therefore, it is necessary to have solutions to speed up the implementation of this project as quickly as possible, “- City People’s Committee stated.

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According to the plan, Saigon Safari Park is located in An Nhon Tay and Phu My Hung communes with an area of ​​over 485 hectares. The project is considered as the largest eco-tourism park in Vietnam, the size of Southeast Asia with the function of preserving, displaying and breeding rare animals in the world.

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