Visit The Homestay With The Barrel – Shaped In Dalat

Recently, people are feverish with a barrel-shaped homestay in Dalat, although other cheap Dalat hotels are still on the rise.

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Homestay is a new type of tourism that many visitors, especially young visitors choose to visit Dalat. Homestay is not necessarily Da Lat hotel expensive, not cheap Da Lat hotel that we often see. This is where visitors can live close to nature and experience the same feelings as indigenous people. Because of the hotness of this form of travel, a boss decided to build a unique barrel-shaped homestay system here.

Wine barrel homestay

New homestay area attracts tourists

Unique design and high availability of wine barrel homestay

As the name implies, all homestays are shaped like barrels made of fake concrete paint. They are scattered on a 1,000 square meter campus with flower gardens, lakes and surrounding strawberry gardens. Just look over, we can also see all the uniqueness and novelty that do not dominate the hotel Dalat has. Therefore, these barrels are not only a place to stay but also a homestay beautiful virtual live images of many visitors.

Wine barrel homestay

Take a picture of a super-virtual at the barrel homestay

These barrels are of different sizes, large buckets are built in three floors, about 4.5 meters in diameter, and small barrels are only two floors, about 2.5 meters in diameter. Although looking very special outside, the interior of these homestays is not the same as other hotels in Dalat. In the room there is always a fresh flower vase is picked directly from the garden, the rest almost added a buffer and blanket for visitors to rent rooms overnight.

Wine barrel homestay

The small wine barrels are placed close together

Wine barrel homestay

The interior of the homestay is quite simple compared to other hotels in Dalat

The wine barrels are connected together by the hallway system. The top has a roof and tables and chairs so that visitors can sit and watch the scenery around them and breathe the fresh air.

Wine barrel homestay

The corridor connects the beautiful homestay

Not simply a cheap Dalat hotel, you can directly go to the strawberry garden, pick strawberries, fish, fire camp and BBQ BBQ outdoors. Homestay model is very beautiful so they become friendly homes, close to all the guests away to visit this beautiful city.

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Wine barrel homestay

Lake Fish – where visitors can fish for free

Wine barrel homestay

And BBQ BBQ outdoors

Reasonable prices like cheap hotels Dalat, suitable for many objects

Depending on the area that the wine barrels can accommodate from 2 to 10 people, so it can be suitable for couples who travel but do not want to stay in hotel Dalat. Homestay is also suitable for travel groups, families want to experience simple, simple life instead of comfort, modern as always.

Wine barrel homestay

With enough large and small size, the wine barrel homestay can fit a lot of objects

Currently, the price of a double room in a wine barrel homestay is VND 350,000 per night, while the larger room is VND 150,000 per person. Compared to other cheap Da Lat hotels near other markets, the price difference is not significant. Here, visitors can also take off to Truc Lam Zen and Tuyen Lam Lake without spending too much time.

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