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Vista Verde district 2 highlights thanks to special design

Vista Verde Project

Apartment Vista district 2 with the investor is the CapitaLand Vietnam corporation style design towards the green living space, fresh. Especially the project has many utilities as well as green application in all apartments and projects.

The Vista Q2 Apartment has become a milestone for CapitaLand Vietnam to achieve a number of awards in real estate, landscape and design across the country and across the region. And from that, it also helps to increase the echelon, helping the company to improve its competitive position, affirming the brand as well as its prestige when compared with the famous investors in domestic and abroad.

overview project Vista Verde
Green Trend is the style used by Capitaland Capital in Vista Verde

Vista Verde is unique thanks to its green design

Vista Verde just after two years of construction has handed over apartments to residents. With the sample house has attracted many customers and investors have the desire to find a place to invest, new investment channels to experience the project. And of course, the apartment products have received the appreciation of the customer, making emotion, impression strongly to everyone. The project highlights from the smallest elements such as the façade of the apartment tower; entrance to the project; utilities … All of them put on a fresh green of nature trees, flowers. This is exactly what the owner gave notice and in the simulation model to the customer two years ago.

green living space of Vista Verde
green living space of Vista Verde

During the implementation period, the project owner and partners took care of every detail of the project; Ensuring the quality of the work is always best to be able to hand over the exact time as well as the original design perspective to come out. Vista Verde is not only a journey but also a pride of CapitaLand Vietnam as it creates an ideal residence, a real home for everyone.

Modern gadgets bring comfortable living to all Vista Verde residents

Investor CapitaLand Vietnam has equipped its future residents with a modern, state-of-the-art facility and is now complete. Gadgets can include:

+ Entrance design with artificial waterfall up to 12 meters height brings a sense of relaxation for residents

+ The interior of the area is covered with greenery by flowers and trees, giving the residents a pleasant, fresh atmosphere for everyone.

+ At the fifth floor of the project, there are main facilities such as swimming pool designed in resort style with length up to 50m and wide view of district 1

The commercial center just under the podium of Vista Verde
The commercial center just under the podium of Vista Verde

+ Relaxation Lake; hydraulic tank; green oasis; Lotus pond; children’s pool; sunbathing area

+ 360-degree gym with unique design, equipped with glass space

+ Modern sports court: tennis court with jogging track and green practice

+ BBQ Outdoor BBQ with roof

+ Garden of meditation, retreat in the multi-functional room

Green living sign in nature in all entertainment space, utility of the project. This has resulted in the Vista Verde project being awarded the “Vietnam Green Leading Landscape Design Award” by the Vietnam Property Awards – 2015. Along with that is the best apartment award in Vietnam by the Asia Pacific Property Awards in 2015.

At present, the apartment market in District 2 is receiving attention and attention of many companies investing in real estate projects in various segments to catch the market. And since that has attracted many customers as well as investors. The projects are recorded with rapid progress rate, such as: new city apartments in district 2; Vista Verde helps the owner create prestige and brand with customers in this market.

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