Vung Tau: Road In One Way, Housse In Other Way

This is a true story happening in the coastal city of Vung Tau, it is similar to the story of Pham Van Dong Street, Ho Chi Minh City, when the pavement was complete, the people houses rose up to meters and force units of construction to  build up three-step staircases for people to go up and down.

After that, TP adjusted the sidewalk, the steps were broken and the people had to go in the house in different ways.This incident is causing urgent public opinion in the area of the project to renovate and upgrade Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City.It is given that the functional units have not done their job, leading to the condition of Nguyen Huu Canh Street that is lower than the old road and “pushes” the houses of people up to meters.

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The happiness did not last long

The project to renovate and upgrade Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Thang Nhat Ward, Vung Tau City was re-planned more than 20 years ago until 2000 it was officially approved by Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province Department of Transportation as the investor.However, over 10 years it could not be deployed for many reasons, in May 2012, the project was handed over to the government of Vung Tau city as an investor and it started construction in late 2015 in the cheerful welcomed by the people of this area.

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The road surface is much lower than the people’s home base.

The worry rushed down but it has not been long, until now, when all the works are at the moment of finishing the road surface, pavement sidewalks and putting sewer system, people “realize” their houses are “tottering”  on sidewalks.“After decades of planning, it was impossible to start work, this area turned into a pond when it rained and became dusty when it was sunny, it made us live in misery, until the project was formally announced to the public, we were very happy that our house would be cleaner because of the new curves, but now looking down on the street we find it much lower than the old one”, one of the people living on this stretch lamented.Besides, the households along this road said that the road was previously lower than the existing foundation of their houses, in 2015, when upgrading this road, the construction unit continued to lower the foundation, in some places there were differences with the house foundation up to 80 – 90cm, made it difficult for people participating in traffic as well as people living along the road.Hence, hundreds of households living on Nguyen Huu Canh Street have “knocked” many places from local authorities to functional units to recommend measures to overcome this situation.IllogicalAccording to the reporter of Bao Xay Dung, the entire Nguyen Huu Canh road is nearly 1.3 km long, however, at the intersection with Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Ngo Quyen street, Nguyen Huu Canh street surface is lower down to create jamb. What is worth mentioning here is that Nguyen Thien Thuat Street has been put into use by Vung Tau City for some years?Most of the houses on both sides of this road are much higher than the new road surface from 30 – 40cm, with the height of 80 – 90cm in some parts, the most affected part is from the intersection with Ngo Quyen Street to the 183 Nguyen Huu alley.

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The old and new roadways differ widely

Landscape, length about 250m and the section from Ngo Quyen Street to Alley no.132 is about 250m.Mr. Tuan, a resident of Alley no. 283 on Nguyen Huu Canh Street, said: “They made this road too low, it was high before, it is now deeper and deeper, making the alleys much higher than the new roads so people here can only call the local government but do not see them solving anything. The people on both sides of the road are bearing up” According to Mr.Quach Thanh Long, a technical expert from the Management Board of Vung Tau City Construction Investment Project, when the city received this project, they discovered that it was planned before the 1/2000 planning of the Northeast Airport, at the time of implementation, there was a deviation of the road, so for re-approval it must be adjusted locally.In addition, Mr. Long said that from the intersection with Ngo Quyen Street, at the alley 183, there are some other houses along the route, such as 141, 157 and 179. When checking those houses, the floor of the house compared to the existing road is higher than 60cm and when this road is made following the designed groundwork, it made these houses higher than 80 – 90cm.According to the representative of the Management Board of Vung Tau City Construction Investment Project, the city is working out solutions.

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