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Wait For One – Cafe & Homestay In Da Lat

Uniquely from the name, Café & Homestay Waiting for One is a beautiful homestay model that young people are looking for when coming to beautiful Da Lat city.

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With millions of visitors each year, Da Lat is a paradise for the development of hotels and guesthouses. Currently, Dalat hotels from low to high cost are still expensive, but a homestay type of residence is much hotter. Check with Vietnam Real Estate check out one of the most beautiful homestays in the city called “Wait for One”!

Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
Beautiful homestay samples are being hunted in Da Lat

Peaceful, quiet and in harmony with nature

Waiting for One is built on a high hill in Khoi Nghia Bac Son Road, District 10, Da Lat City. From here, you can move to Xuan Huong Lake which takes only 5 minutes by motorcycle.

Around the homestay for rent are a myriad of coffee, a vast expanse of valleys, foggy early in the morning, and cool breeze at night. Basically, this peace is like other hotels in Dalat, but we have a feeling of being closer to nature.

Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
Living space close to nature

Simple yet interesting design of beautiful homestay

If you have ever visited or seen some pictures of Waiting for One, you will probably recognize its simple architecture. Not the unique, exotic shapes that many other people often do, these are just lovely little homestays scattered across the hill.

Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
The small houses lie neatly on the hill with the surrounding forest

Waiting for One is not like the luxury hotels in Dalat that you often see, it’s the little beds covered with warm pillows that are adorned with a few rustic Rustic tables and chairs.

Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
Rustic design rustic

This is where you can catch sunshine early in the morning through the large glass windows, where you can sip a cup of coffee, read a favorite book and take a look at the coffee garden and The deep green pines, where you can sleep all day on a bed of warmth without fear of anyone awake.

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Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
This is where you can enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning
Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
A place where you can relax and sleep all day
Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
Or lie on the sunbathing like a lazy cat

Maybe this is not a cheap Dalat hotel near the market you want, but it will be a suitable shelter for those who are trying to avoid the hustle and bustle of the present life.

Super Homestead Cafe in Da Lat
Somewhere, there is a person who is still waiting for a person

And perhaps people who are embarrassed with silence will not be suitable for this place … Or will they enjoy it after a day of changing air?

Currently, beautiful homestay waiting for a person with dorm rooms and single rooms, you can come here alone, too many others.

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