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Waterina Suites, Vista Verde and Feliz en Vista: Which project is suitable for you?

feliz En Vista

Waterina Suites, Vista Verde and Feliz en Vista are currently 3 hot projects in Thanh My Loi area, District 2. In these three projects, let’s see which project is most suitable for you?

In terms of location

Looking at the location map, we can easily see that the 3 projects Waterina Suites, Vista Verde and Feliz en Vista are quite close together, all three are located in the administrative center of District 2 in Thanh My Loi . This location is very convenient in linking the area and connecting it to the city center or moving to the suburban provinces. Specifically:

  • Feliz En Vista is located near the corner of Dong Van Cong and Truong Van Bang Streets, in front of the People’s Committee of District 2, opposite to CapitaLand’s Vista Verde Apartments, 5 minutes to Mai Chi Tho Avenue.
  • The Vista Verde project is located on Dong Van Cong Street, at the intersection of Mai Chi Tho Boulevard and Feliz En Vista. The Vista Verde apartment is strategically located in the heart of District 2’s administrative, commercial, and commercial center.
  • Waterina Suites is located on Ta Hien street, Thanh My Loi ward, District 2, adjacent to the busy urban areas of District 2 such as An Phu An Khanh urban area, Thu Thiem new urban area. , South Rach Chiec urban area.
Overall position of some projects in Thanh My Loi area, District 2.
Overall position of some projects in Thanh My Loi area, District 2.

In terms of the Owner

Waterina Suites was developed by a joint venture between Maeda Corporation (Japan) and Thien Duc Company. In terms of architecture, architect Vo Trong Nghia and Kengo Kuma, famous Japanese architect who is responsible for designing the main stadium of Tokyo Olympics 2020, is responsible for the main design of Waterina Suites project.

Investor information Waterina Suites project
Investor information Waterina Suites project

Speaking about the Feliz Vista project and Vista Verde, these are two high end projects developed by CapitaLand, one of Asia’s leading real estate groups and Thien Duc.

Investor of 2 projects Feliz en Vista and Vista Verde
Investor of 2 projects: Feliz en Vista and Vista Verde

About Gadgets

At the Waterina Suites project, each apartment is designed with light and windy balconies, giving the residents a comfortable panoramic view of Saigon. In addition, living space in each apartment is designed spacious, optimal area gives residents feel comfortable living. The top security system at Waterina Suites is also highly appreciated.

Some outstanding features at the Waterina Suites project
Some outstanding features at the Waterina Suites project

For convenience, the owner of Waterina Suites has developed a system of outstanding utility, quality such as: high-grade commercial center, standard swimming pool, amusement park, green park. The apartments also use high-quality building materials and facilities to ensure the highest quality of life for the residents here. Consequently, for convenience and convenience, Waterina Suites has taken full advantage.

For the Vista Verde project, all apartments are built with unique living space and are spacious, surrounded by green living space with a variety of local amenities such as swimming pool style resort , a relaxing oasis, park with running track, babylon garden, etc. The project is designed and built in Singaporean style to create a modern living space between nature. By 2015, Vista Verde has received the best apartment award from Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Vista Dong Van Cong project
Some highlights at the Vista Verde project

At the Feliz en Vista project, the apartments are squarely designed, space saving and maximizing space. Each apartment has a spacious balcony, a drying patio and a self contained kitchen. The difference of each building is the interior design of the apartment and is distinguished by its own name. At Feliz en Vista, the developer develops more than 100 utility items such as saltwater pool, Olympic standard pool, hot tub Jacuzzi, rattan walkway, outdoor cinema, wine room and cigar. …

In terms of Design

In terms of design, all three projects received high marks from the market. Waterina Suites has a harmonious architecture with nature. With the hands of the Japanese architect, inspired by nature movement, Waterina Suites apartments are proud of its luxurious beauty, but still stand out for its simplicity, purity. The vision of the property, from the status of the gold, from the Waterina Suites apartments, the residents can admire the beauty of the entire downtown area, the other side of the project towards the park full of green. vitality. Classy design with 3 floors of modern luxury, along with 86 luxury apartments with a variety of types from single-storey apartment, Duplex and Penthouse.

Looking for the best design apartment district 2
Perspective of Waterina Suites project design

Whereas for Feliz en Vista, the project includes 3 towers and a Somerset Feliz en Vista apartment rental service and is feng shui consultant by top expert Dato Joey Yap. The Feliz en Vista apartments are designed in a way that combines natural light, wind and privacy. Each apartment has at least 2 sides.

feliz En Vista
Project Design Context Feliz en Vista

Finally at Vista Verde, the ground floor is designed to be a shopping mall with many popular shops. The project has more than 30 types of apartments are designed to optimize private space such as apartment floors, because of the modern style design, the apartments have large living room, dining room Spacious and has a balcony with beautiful views.

In terms of price

According to Rever, the selling price of the Waterina Suites project is about VND60 million / sqm. This is a reasonable price for a nice design project, foreign investor and most especially the limited number of apartments (the whole project has only 86 units). At this price, Waterina Suites is quite suitable for high income people, young businessmen, foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the prices of Feliz en Vista and Vista Verde apartments are quite similar, currently these two projects are advertised with an average price of VND2 billion / unit, ie only VND38 million / sqm – 40 million / sqm, this is a nice price if compared with the surrounding projects, namely: Waterina Suites and One Verandah.

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