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Western real estate hanoi will be develop to the next time

real estate in Hanoi

In recent times, the real estate market in Hanoi has become more active with apartments and apartments in the West.

At present, Hanoi tends to develop and expand to the west, many large-scale infrastructure is invested to make the real estate market west of Hanoi became the magnet to attract the investors. private and potential buyers. Expected in the coming years, housing prices in this area is increasing.

the real estate market in Hanoi
Hanoi tends to develop and expand to the west

The West will be the meeting point of many real estate projects

In recent years, real estate market in the West of Hanoi has many projects to attract buyers. By 2016, the market has grown stronger and is the time when real estate west prosper.

And fertile land in the West of Hanoi has become the center of attraction for many professional real estate investors as long as Thang Long, Le Van Luong and 32 National Highways along with many roads, other traffic works in the area to complete.

Since then, many major projects have been announced, frozen projects have also been re-launched and sales have been rampant. Over the past few years, it is estimated that more than 10 new projects will be launched around the My Dinh area, along the ring axis 3 such as Goldmark City project with the price of VND 11000 billion, HD Mon City project with the price of VND 6000 billion, Imperia Garden with the price of VND 2500 billion, Ecolife Capitol project with the price of VND974 billion, … provide tens of thousands of apartments to the real estate market in Hanoi.

In addition, many projects are being deployed such as a number of condominium buildings, Sun Square, HD Mon City, Goldmark City, Season Avenue, Central Point Trung Kinh … Moreover, Vingroup such as Vinhomes Tran Duy Hung, Vinhomes Pham Hung, Vinhomes Me Tri promises to bring excitement to the West, Hanoi. By 2016, the number of apartments sold in the West of Hanoi occupies 24% of the market share and is the place where the best number of transactions. And the real estate and construction sector has achieved impressive results, especially in the southwest of Hanoi.

the real estate in Hanoi
Real estate market in the west of Hanoi has many projects to attract buyers.

According to experts, the potential of Western real estate will attract many investors in 2016. Predictably, in the coming years, this area will be an ideal retreat for many people. Especially the successful customers, green life, modern, dynamic and extremely comfortable.

In particular, the deployment of Ring Road 4 linking with Thang Long Boulevard and Le Trong Tan and Le Van Luong Streets will contribute to improving the transport system in the West of Hanoi, while promoting the market in any way.

The western area offers many apartment projects

In the past three years, the western region has launched about 25,000 apartments of various projects. The rate of absorption of apartments in these projects will continue to maintain levels of 70 to 80%. But not all projects have good business results but depending on the location, scale, reputation investors. Currently, the number of large projects with complete infrastructure, living environment perfect isolation of the prestigious investors, strong potential still only count on the finger.

And the launch of the Vingroup Group with the villa project Vinhomes Thang Long is expected to bring new winds to the market in the West of Hanoi. This is a closed ecological villa project with the first perfect infrastructure in this area. This project has a size of 24 hectares with 800 villas, adjacent and shophouse with low population density. The highlight of the project is a landscape of 10 hectares of water with lakeside running track, outdoor play area, 4 seasons garden system, 5 star standard swimming pool, Heaven and the training area for the elderly.

Vinhomes Thang Long
Vinhomes Thang Long villa project was officially launched

According to experts, the real estate market in the West will attract a large number of investors. In 2019, the urban railway Nhon – Hanoi Railway Station will be put into operation, helping to move from the western area to the city center more convenient. And the area along Thang Long Boulevard will be the new active area of ​​the Hanoi real estate market.

Moreover, the planning of points, industrial clusters, tourist and entertainment areas such as Goft Dong Mo, Hai stream, cultural villages of Vietnam, hi-tech area around the area. Thang Long Avenue will become an ideal destination for households.

In the West, Hanoi is expected to break even more in the real estate sector in the near future.

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Western real estate hanoi will be develop to the next time

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