What are the factors that affect HCMC?

Apartment prices in HCMC in recent years have many invariably make home buyers are anxious not to know whether to invest. In 2018, the apartment price is sold with a series of cheap, affordable, high-end apartments to meet the need to find accommodation of residents.

However, one thing that homebuyers need to answer is that the tphcm apartment depends on what factors, based on which price level of a real estate product they want to invest. Mogi.vn does not allow you to wait longer, we will support this information in the most objective way based on the skills of many years experience in the field of real estate.

Apartment Saigon depends on many factors

Apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City depend on many factors

Apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City depend on many factors

Yes, the price of a condominium depends on a lot of factors, including geographic location, reputation of the owner or time of delivery of the project … All These factors will create a price for a condo project for sale.

To better understand each factor to determine the price of the apartment, readers should follow the following information

About the geographic location of the property

It can be said that geographic location is a prerequisite and important factor in the valuation of any real estate. Imagine this for easy to understand, the same design, interior, area are equal but the two real estate in different positions will certainly have different price.

The better the location of the apartment

The better the location of the apartment

More understandable, the apartments have beautiful riverfront location, right in the heart of the city, convenient location to move the apartment price here will be higher. Because the cost of land clearance and land prices here is also high.

As for the apartments you want to buy in the suburbs outside the city, it is likely that the price they offer will be much more comfortable due to other charges at lower prices.

This demonstrates the following:

-1 apartment project in District 1

-1 apartment project in Thu Duc district.

Obviously, the price of apartment in District 1 will be much higher than in Thu Duc district, this is natural because District 1 is the center of Ho Chi Minh City, where strong economic development of land. Vietnam.

The reputation of the owner

Apartment Saigon depends on the reputation of the owner, this is of course nothing to discuss. Investing in the mentality of home buyers, who cares who the owner of the investment project is, whether they are guaranteed to bring them an apartment that meets the needs of the present time that the construction industry offers. .

Therefore, with the big names in the prestigious real estate market, it is likely that their projects will bring more powerful attraction. This is because they have strong financial strength, can ensure the progress of the project as well as delivery time to the buyer. Therefore, their apartments are guaranteed in terms of time so that the price will be higher than those of unknown investors in the construction field.

Therefore, to refer to the apartment price tphcm you need to thoroughly understand your desire, choose the suitable investment for money, and then decide to own the property that you are targeting.

Investors also decide on the price of the apartment

Investors also decide on the price of the apartment

Delivery time of the real estate project

Not stop there, the price of Saigon apartment also depends a lot on the time of handover. According to real estate experts, the project’s progress or time of delivery also affects the price of an apartment in Ho Chi Minh City as well as other areas in general. .

Because of this, the time of delivery ensures the home buyer is getting the right house with the commitment, so the liquidity of the apartment on the market will be much better.

Most investors, rental apartments are also very interested in this factor. If the time of delivery is slow, then certainly not meet the requirements of customers as well as the requirements of the market, so this is unavoidable, so the price of that apartment will not be high OK.

The handover period decides somewhat on the price

The handover period decides somewhat on the price

In addition to the above factors, there are other factors that affect the cost of living in Saigon, such as living space, internal facilities or furniture furnished in the apartment also affect the price of a common apartment populate Hopefully, with the sharing of apartment prices on the map will help you read clearly and from that price of a real estate to suit your needs. Mogi.vn wish you the best living space suitable for your pocket.

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