What do the experts say about real estate in HCM City?

Looking at the real estate market in HCMC in 2018, most economists are optimistic and said 2018 will continue to be a flourishing year for the real estate market in HCMC. individual and country in general.

An expert on real estate in HCMC

In a real estate seminar held in early 2018, Dinh The Hien, an economist, said the real estate sector in HCM City will continue to thrive thanks to its economic and foreign support. . Capital in real estate in 2018 will be plentiful thanks to 04 main sources: stable bank credit, individual investors still believe in the real estate market, so they will still invest in the company. Foreign investment through cooperation and M & A …. Thanks to these conditions, he said that 2018 will continue to be supported but will be dissociated. The segment of apartments will continue to have demand but will face competition pressure.

HCMC real estate market

Capital for real estate in HCMC will be plentiful in 2018

As for economist Vu Dinh Anh, he forecasts that the real estate market in HCMC in 2018 will have better factors than 2017 thanks to a number of supporting factors, of which the most important is policy. He argues that in 2018 policies on promulgated mechanisms such as the credit policy for the real estate market will be loosened. Decree related to the new planning, projects, especially the segment of each real estate market will be more reasonable. In addition, with the opening of integration, the flow of money from foreign investors will also be poured more and more, the market from there to be expanded. On the other hand, real estate investment enterprises in the past few years have also been improved by taking advantage of previous business results.


HCMC real estate market in the South

The “projector” project was rebuilt thanks to the advantage of the route

Vu Dinh Loc, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI), said that after only a long period of silence, from the end of the year 2013, the real estate market has gradually gained a positive recovery. In 2018, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City has made great changes thanks to the advantage of a series of breakthrough infrastructures. Many routes are conveniently connected to the center, the former projects “screened” will also be rebuilt investors. Most real estate businesses and businesses have stepped through the difficult times and entered a new stage of development.

HCM City real estate market in the first half of 2018

Contrary to concerns about the decline of the apartment segment after consecutive incidents occurred in 2017. The real estate market in the first half of the year surprised many people. In the first quarter of 2018, Hanoi continued to offer 6,148 apartments and liquidity of 5,091 units, an increase of 40.5% compared to last year. In Ho Chi Minh City, in the first quarter of 2018, it sold 10,431 units and liquidated nearly 9,000 units.

real estate in HCMC

Forecasting the last two quarters of 2018 is really the accelerating phase of Ho Chi Minh City real estate

Meanwhile, the real estate market is showing good adaptability. The incidents in 2017 only cause confusion, temporary fear and can not beat a field is exciting for many years.

Experts said that the housing market in the first months of the year is not without its bumps, from apartment fire, land fever, etc. growth is good. Regarding the familiar development cycle of the real estate market in Vietnam in recent years, forecasts for the last two quarters of 2018 HCMC real estate market is really the game and step into the acceleration, toward the end.

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