What do Urban people need?

As people’s living standards are increasingly elevated, people are not only interested in owning a home to live but also in the quality of life, to enjoying a “living space” and in harmony with the environment, nature.

Living comfort is not enough, need to live healthy

Rapid urbanization, accompanied by climate change, leads to serious environmental and health problems. People desire more than a green space, close to nature. Planning for urban green space is a problem that is increasingly addressed by managers and experts who seek to find solutions.

This can be learned from Singapore when the government manages the exterior landscaping very seriously and the authorities attach importance to the landscape so open spaces are very reasonable and respected in residential areas.

Therefore, many new urban areas in Singapore attach great importance to the design and construction of green walls, green roofs, even planting trees in the heart of the building to shoppers in commercial center feel close to nture.

Living comfort is not enough, need to live healthy

A living environment in green – clean – beautiful space is an urgent need of urban residents.

Meanwhile, according to TS.KTS Truong Van Quang, deputy secretary of the Urban Development Planning Association, in the most deserving city of Vietnam, Da Nang’s per capita urban green area is 7, 3 sqm / person.

This is lower than the current regulations when the urban design standard of the Ministry of Construction is 12 – 15sqm per person, the minimum green area of ​​the UN is 10m2 per person and the target of the city Modern in the world from 20-25sqm / person.

Not only Da Nang, landscape in general and green in particular in Vietnam has not been properly concerned. This is the consequence when hundreds of high rise projects rise with concrete, steel makes life more and more “suffocating. The density of construction is dense, the environment is heavily polluted, the lack of open space, the green environment, the imbalanced environment, the rising temperature …

All these factors are seriously affecting the health, both physically and mentally. A comfortable, modern life in a green – clean – beautiful space is the urgent need of urban residents.

“Profit” to help solve common problems

The reality has initially changed the perception and promoted the actions of some real estate firms. In particular, Kim Long Nam Group with Kim Long City Lien Chieu (Da Nang).

As one of the few prime projects in Lien Chieu District, Kim Long City Lien Chieu is located right in the heart of the city’s focus on infrastructure. The roads surrounding the project such as Nguyen Sinh Sac and Hoang Thi Loan are widely invested, spacious, the whole wire has been underground, the landscape is synchronous, convenient for circulation and business.

Kim Long City Lien Chieu is located in a prime location.

Kim Long City Lien Chieu is located in a prime location.

It takes only 15 minutes to get to the center of the city via the crossroads of Hue, 30 minutes to Lang Co (Hue), 5 minutes to Danang railway station or just 15 minutes to Da Nang International Airport. In this area, a series of key traffic works are being invested, forming a continuous and uninterrupted traffic system, linking the project with neighboring areas to make the “access” of Kim Long The more clear the city is.

According to the real estate business, the advantage comes from the location near the sea, in the area where investment is so great development, Kim Long City is being sought by real estate investors. It is possible to imagine Kim Long City as a “downtown” of Lien Chieu District. This creates a huge added value for the project and the return to investors is just a matter of time.

Geo-geopolitical factors, predictions of the market decline, and the obvious advantages of location and attractive selling prices allow investors to be completely confident in their product. The course will also be fully absorbed by the bridge easily. However, Kim Long Nam Group, the owner decided to “sacrifice” most of the profits to reduce construction density to invest in health and quality of life of people.

The project has the landscape is carefully invested, with a total of 18 park green, thematic gardens. On average, each apartment will be near a park within a 50m radius.

Investors are "sacrificed" to invest in the health and quality of life of people.

Investors are “sacrificed” to invest in the health and quality of life of people.

In addition to the fresh air, close to nature, Kim Long City Lien Chieu is also concerned about the health of residents through physical training along with the collective gymnasium, skate area, basketball court, volleyball court, jogging track, outdoor exercise machine …

In particular, Kim Long City Lien Chieu provides the ideal natural community to connect, gather family, friends, colleagues, share the time together with BBQ garden together. and campgrounds in the municipality. Along with that, residents and tourists can enjoy shopping, entertainment, enjoy Danang cuisine and four-course cuisine in the center of trade and services.

Harmonious life has made Kim Long City Lien Chieu not only the concrete blocks that really become a comfortable, peaceful and happy city, the ideal home where every resident is looking forward to returning. after a tiring day.

In the largest tourist city in the country, it is not easy to find a fresh living space with no connection to the bustle and bustle of the outside, in a neighborhood close to the sea and only A few kilometers away is the city center with countless visitors, restaurants and hotels.

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