What Do You Know About The Bahamas Tower Under The Diamond Island Project?

One of the fundamental differences of the Bahamas compared to other projects is the developer integrates the Dual Key unit, which is suitable for multi-generation homes looking to stay side by side but they still retain the privacy needed.

Vision of the Bahamas Tower

Bahamas Tower

The vision of the Bahamas Tower in the master plan of the Diamond Island project

Some general information about the Bahamas Tower:

  • A number of flats on one ground: 8 units.
  • A number of elevators: 3 passengers, 1 freight lift.
  • A number of escalators: 2 months.
  • Balcony area: 1.3m high; 1.3m wide, equipped with tempered glass and stainless steel handrail.
  • Hall width: 1.8m using natural daylight. At night, the lighting system will automatically turn on through the timer.
  • Garbage: Garbage is collected on each floor and taken to the B2 floor for disposal and disposal. Each garbage collection room has a common smoke exhaust system on the roof.
  • Backup generator.

Floor plan of the Bahamas tower

Bahamas Tower

The cross section of the tower

The Bahamas Tower

  • 2 bedrooms: 2A (91.59 sqm), 2B (88.79 sqm), 2C (88.75 sqm), 2D (89.20 sqm)
  • 3 bedrooms: 3B (117.93 sqm), 3C (117.64 sqm)
  • 4 bedrooms: 4A (167.23 sqm) Duplex: 308 sqm
  • Dual Key: 3 bedrooms (143.15 sqm)
  • Garden Villa, Pool Villa, Penthouse: 300 – 550 sqm
  • Price from 45 million/ sqm

Floor plan 2A

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 2 bedroom type 2A

 Apartment plan 2B

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 2 bedroom type 2B

 Flat 2C apartment

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 2 bedroom type 2C apartment

 2D apartment plan

Bahamas Tower

2-bedroom apartment type 2D

 Dual Key Plane

Bahamas Tower

Flat type Dual Key flat

 Ground plan 3B

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 3 bedroom type 3B

 Ground plane 3C

Bahamas Tower

3-bedroom apartment type 3C

 Flat 4A apartment

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 4 bedroom type 4A

 Apartment plan 4B

Bahamas Tower

Apartment 4 bedroom type 4B Duplex

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