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What Do You Need If You Want A Feng Shui House?

Things to know for feng shui housing

According to feng shui, there are many factors that can dominate the energy sources in your home. The main factors such as the earth, the direction of the main door of the house, the design of the house so that the energy sources harmonize with smaller factors such as room color, changing fortunes, or affecting the income and health of family members.

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Things to know for feng shui housing
There are many factors that affect feng shui housing. Illustration

Here are some factors that you need to note to feng shui home:

The light in the rooms must be adequately provided, away from darkness or humidity. You can use the sunlight or lights in the room if you have a corridor in the corridor to arrange the lights in the dark.

The indoor air needs to have circulation outside. In addition, you absolutely should not be afraid of dust entering your home without opening windows as this can easily lead to illness.

One thing you should also note is that the temperature of the kitchen should not be so high that it can irritate people, agitate, even produce conflict and conflict. In addition, you should arrange the kitchen in a ventilated position, or install fans to keep the air conditioning.

In the toilet area, you should not fall into a damp, buildup of unpleasant odors. You should install an exhaust fan. Wastes in the toilet should also be cleaned regularly.

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Bedroom in the house should not be opposed to the main door. If the employer has committed this, it can adversely affect the home economy, including loss of property or disease.

Do not arrange the bedroom door opposite each other cell phone competition atmosphere high-low. The blinds should always be fitted or always closed.

In front of the big door rubbish dirt accumulation. Do not let the obstructions at the front door cause birth defects.

The bed should rest on a mountain or wall. Avoid dreaming, mood swings.

To avoid loss of valuable assets, locations are chipped, leakage, cracking need repair right. Rooms should be clean, orderly, avoid insects, snakes in the room.

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