What does the ACV chairman say about appointing a series of staff?

The ACV considers that the recent appointment of officers is entirely the decision of the corporation’s leaders.

As soon as newspapers reported that Mr. Le Manh Hung, General Director of Vietnam Airlines Corporation (ACV) signed the appointment of full-time staff before retirement, the Ministry of Transport asked ACV newspaper Report.

In the ACV report by Lai Xuan Thanh, Chairman of ACV, stated: Due to the need to consolidate the overall staffing of the corporation at all levels, the corporation’s branches are set to start in 2015. , especially after the GC transformed into a joint stock company from April 1, 2015.

On that basis, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Board of Directors of the Corporation has reviewed and promulgated the plan to consolidate the organizational structure and re-approve the regulation on organization, operation and functions of functional departments. and airports in December -2016. Basing themselves on the need to use cadres in the management and administration of the units to well perform their assigned tasks, the units under the corporations have proposed the appointment of cadres under the new model at the beginning. 2017.

In mid-2017, Nguyen Nguyen Hung, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietnam Airlines Corporation, retired according to the regime. Implementing the instructions of the Ministry of Transport, the consolidation and appointment of ACV’s staff has been stopped and is expected to be continued after the new chairman is approved by the shareholders.

Appointment decisions at ACV.

Appointment decisions at ACV.

One of the appointing decisions at ACV.

One of the appointing decisions at ACV.

After Lai Xuan Thanh was appointed secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation in June 2017, the Standing Committee of the Party and the Board agreed to deploy the management of all levels after the lawsuit. Whole organization includes:

To consolidate the organizational structure, functions and tasks of professional sections and sections of the corporation; To perfect synchronously the organizational structure, functions and tasks of production agencies and units under the branches of airports; The number of deputy heads of the units shall be determined.

In particular, the organizational structure of the whole corporation consists of (301 clues to appoint managers / total of 9,500 employees): 13 specialized boards of the corporation, including 30 professional office, a team; 22 airport branches, including 47 professional sections, 18 centers, 170 professional teams in the field of airport and airport operations.

After reviewing, the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, the Board has held several meetings to consider and issue resolutions on the appointment of cadres, in which the chairman of the board, the general director assigned the appointment decision according to his authority. According to the regulations on decentralization of staff management of corporations. In April and June 2018, specifically:

Appointment, assignment of equivalent positions due to changes in organizational structure and names: 15 cases (with attached list); of which three are senior level officials and 12 senior level officers of the corporation.

Appointment of cadres in the proposed planning since 2016: 53 cases; of which three staff members, 20 staff at the department level and 30 staff at the team level.

New appointment of 36 cases in the planning; six of them are departmental officers and 21 officers are departmental level staff and nine are cadres.

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According to ACV, the new appointments for the above-mentioned staff members are totally the process of reviewing, deploying and deciding the leadership of the corporation based on the need for management, administration and tasks. production, business, fit the new model; To comply with the regulations and regulations of the corporation; Ensure standards, in accordance with cadre planning for 2016-2021.

“With regard to the above contents, the signing of the decision appointing the staff of Comrade Le Manh Hung, the General Director, the legal representative is not an individual decision, but the responsibility to follow the authority decentralization “- Chairman of ACV explained.

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