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What Does The Palm City Project Have Attraction Which Makes Many Residences Purchase?

Palm City District 2

Palm City Keppel District 2 – Why do many people choose Palm City settle?

The project of Palm City District 2 by the combination of Keppel Land investors and the alliance between two large real estate developers Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai with 3 blocks with 3 floors with 816 apartments.

With many convenient factors, many people decided to buy. Factors that customers are interested in are:

The owner of the Palm City – District 2 project is experienced reputation.

Palm City – District 2 is a well known and respected name in the present time. This is a large-scale project that combines Keppel Land with the two companies, Tien Phuoc and Tran Thai. Keppel Land is a real estate company under Keppel Group, a Singaporean multinational corporation best known for investment, including real estate. This corporation is well-known and highly appreciated for its high-class projects and projects, winning many international awards. With the goal of reaching out to potential international markets and prospects of development, the group has chosen Vietnam as one of the markets with many opportunities for development.

Keppel Land in Vietnam is a company specializing in the field of real estate has a very high position in the market. After a series of successes in investing in real estate projects such as Villa Riviera, Riviera Point, Saigon Center … in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Dong Nai, Vung Tau. Keppel Land is stepping up its investment activities, many of its projects have been licensed by the state – including the Palm City project in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tien Phuoc Real Estate Joint Stock Company is a Vietnamese company with many years of experience in real estate. The company is famous for high-end projects such as Greenfield Village Villas, Senturia Vuon Lai Villas, Le Meridien Saigon 5-star office buildings and hotels… That company is promoting its operations to bring the name outreach regional, international.

Palm City District 2
This is a large planning project, with a total area of 30.2 hectares stretching 2.7 kilometers along two rivers Giong Ong To and Muong Kinh.

Tran Thai Limited Liability Company is also a real estate trading company. Tran Thai is one of the real estate companies established since the early days of Vietnam’s real estate economy. The name of the company is confirmed through the projects of real estate tourism, hotels, resort. Tran Thai always tries to seek and expand investment in potential places in the country and international.

Palm City – District 2 is a combined product of three companies with years of experience in real estate. The innovative, unique and advanced designs of the staffs of the three companies will surely bring great success to the Palm project. With their prestige and professionalism, the investors convinced the customers to believe in the scale and progress of the project.

From Palm City – District 2 you no longer get stuck in a dusty car.

Palm City is in a convenient location so people are not worried about traffic jams. You only take 10 minutes to move you have reached the center of District 1, Binh Thanh District; It takes 10 minutes to get to Phu My Hung District 7 also takes nearly 5 minutes you can move to the high industrial zone. Another interesting point is the highlight of the project is located on the Giong Ong to River and Muong Kinh 2.7 km.

This is a large planning project, with a total area of 30.2 hectares stretching 2.7 kilometers along two rivers Giong Ong to and Muong Kinh. Palm city is a model urban area, which includes low-rise housing, commercial townhouses, high-rise apartments, high-end apartments, commercial centers and utility systems along with hospitals, schools, green park systems.

Overall, what does the Palm City project difference which attracts many customers?

Palm City District 2
Palm City – District 2 is a well known and respected name in the present time.

Palm City attracts customers because this is a super project located in the urban planning of Nam Rach Rach Chiec 90 ha in District 2. With a total area of 30.2 hectares, each building is designed with a different size, in each position in the overall so that the gadget is the most suitable.

The Palm Residence low-rise area of 3 hectares consists of 135 adjacent houses, 14 duplex villas and 11 shop houses.

The high-rise condominium with approximately 3700 apartments will be built on a total area of 9.4 hectares.

The area of the commercial area is 1.8 hectares; the school includes 3 hectares of kindergartens and international and bilingual schools and one hectare of sanctuary with modern technical equipment.

In addition, investors are planning additional functional areas to meet the needs of people living in Palm City. It can be seen that the Palm City project is a great project and the design and planning of the project has been heavily invested by the owners to bring the greatest benefits. It will meet the increasing demands of consumers. Palm city – District 2 can be considered as one of the model projects for real estate projects today because of what it brings is extremely wonderful.

Choosing a place to live is a place where you can peace of mind to enjoy life in a location not too far from the center and easy to move into the suburbs like Palm City is a thing many people dream. With the option to buy Palm City apartment you also get a lot of incentives for payments from investors and banks. Currently, the price of each apartment is from §1217- §1304/ sqm at the end of September, 2016, he investor will also complete the sample project for customers to visit and experience.

Palm City Keppel Land will be open for sale in more than one month, but more than 80% of customers are willing to buy their apartments to get the desired location.

Palm City District 2 is a desirable address for customers to settle down with their families to experience a comfortable life as perfect as they wish.

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