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What Highlights Is The Location Of Binh An Pearl Apartment Project?

Binh An Pearl apartment project

Binh An Pearl is located at the beginning of “Golden Land” of District 2 with the exact address: 02 Tran Nao, Binh An Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City. What position does this stand for? The article below will give you answers to read.

Link advantage area, many extra facilities

The Binh An Pearl apartment project is not covered by many other high rise projects but still benefits from convenient regional links, along with extensive off-site facilities. According to Vietnam real estate analysis, the corner of Tran Nao street is located at the eastern gate of the center of Ho Chi Minh City, next to the Saigon Bridge, gas connection number 6 Metro Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien via the overpass of Ha Noi Highway. In addition, the project also inherits the green park along the beautiful Ha Noi Highway. Location Binh An Pearl apartment project.

Binh An Pearl apartment project
Location Binh An Pearl apartment project

In the future, as the density of residents in the East of Ho Chi Minh City increases, there will definitely be more housing and utility projects outside the area being developed to meet the actual demand of the market. In terms of size, Binh An Pearl is comparable to Thao Dien Pearl and Master An Phu, but has more advantages in terms of location.

In this position, Binh An Pearl easily performs regional links easily to:

  • Metro line with stops 6 and 7 right next to the project to enter the city center or move back to Suoi Tien – Dong Nai.
  • Binh An Pearl is located opposite the river bus (Binh An Bus) so it is extremely convenient to use this service.
  • Ha Noi highway is the main route of the city. From this route, it is possible to move in two directions with 6 modern lanes. Can link the county through this route as: Binh Thanh, District 1, District 2, District 9, Thu Duc. Or move to provinces such as Nha Trang, Binh Thuan, Dong Nai, Lam Dong …
  • Down the route of Hanoi Highway easy to merge into national highway 1A to go north and south through the provinces of the South East, North, etc.
  • The Mai Chi Tho route is easy to navigate in two directions: one is to the east through Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway, the other is to Thu Thiem tunnel to move into the city center through districts 1, 4. , …
  • Quick link to Nguyen Huu Canh and District 1 center via Luong Dinh Cua Street (upgrading) – Thu Thiem Bridge 1. The time to move to central district 1 is considerably reduced compared to Hanoi Highway. Although this road is flooded by rain but is being upgraded. By the time Ping An Pearl handed over to customers this route was able to use better.

Off-site facilities in the region are continuing to develop, improve and develop. Extracurricular facilities are appreciated as:

  • School Facilities: Thao Dien Ward is a district of Thao Dien Ward with a number of international schools: European International School, British International School, The American School, Vinschool.
  • Convenience stores and food court in the commercial centers in District 2 and Binh Thanh District: Vincom Mega Mall, Parkson Cantavil, Big C Cantavil, Metro An Phu, Dai Quang Minh Sala, the shopping center in Estella Heights (completed 2018), …
  • Hospital Facilities: District 2 Hospital, District 2 Health Care Center, International Clinic in Thao Dien, Vinmec Hospital in Vinhomes Central Park, etc.
  • A number of luxury restaurants, entertainment and relaxation in Thao Dien has formed and stable operation.
Binh An Pearl apartment project
Excellent infrastructure and facilities outside the area around Binh An Pearl

Vision of HCMC center is permanent

It can be said that the vision of Binh An Pearl apartment project is much better than that of other projects in the same area of District 2. With the position is occupied, from apartment Binh An Pearl easily zoom Eyes away without being shielded or hidden by other high rise projects. This is the highlight of the land that Binh An Pearl owns.

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  • Looking at the panoramic Saigon River winding is very impressive.
  • Look directly at the center of the city with District 1, Binh Thanh District.
  • Looking towards the far side of Thanh Da peninsula.
  • Vision of Thu Thiem peninsula.
Binh An Pearl apartment project
View from Binh An Pearl apartment project

Especially, with a view towards the city center, it may be permanent throughout the Binh An Pearl apartment project because of the scale of the planning as well as the policy of developing the infrastructure of the city does not allow harm. existing riverbank corridors. High-rise projects will not be allowed to be built along this corridor. Therefore, Binh An Pearl will have a beautiful and stable long-term view.

Community ownership vibrant

Eastern residents are bustling more and more each day. The need for living is increasing day by day as migration to the east of the city is accelerating.

Companies, agencies as well as schools and hospitals began to have “plugged in” projects to serve the crowded population.

Binh An Pearl apartment project
Binh An Pearl has a vibrant and vibrant community

In addition, Thao Dien and the villas along the Tran Nao Road is a residential area that has long been the most successful businessman in Ho Chi Minh City. At the same time, the ideal destination for foreigners, creating high demand for rental housing in Binh An Pearl apartment project.

Along the route, Ha Noi Highway also has a series of high-end projects which have been gradually put into operation such as Master Thao Dien, Cantavil, Estella, Estella Heights, The Vista, Nassim Thao Dien and Gateway Thao Dien, Master An Phu, Q2 Thao Dien … make this area create a number of quality and selective residents.

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