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What is real estate business?

Trading real estate

Real estate business is a hot field today. However, before entering into this market, investors need to understand more about the form of operation as well as the law of real estate business.

Real estate business can be understood as the capital investment to carry out activities of buying, building, receiving transfer for sale (transferring the right to rent, sublease or hire purchase real estate, real estate. Real estate brokerage, real estate consulting services, real estate trading services or real estate management for profit purposes.

Some technical terms in real estate business law:

– Real estate brokerage: It is the intermediary between the parties in the purchase, sale, transfer or lease, sublease, lease of real estate.

– Houses, buildings available: ie houses, buildings have been completed construction and put into use.

The real estate market in the East
Real estate business is currently the hot sector

– Houses and buildings to be built in the future: Can be understood as houses, buildings are still in the process of construction and are not yet tested and put into use.

– Real estate management means the execution of one, several or all activities of management, disposition of real estate, mining as authorized by the owner of the construction work, house or individual having right using land.

– Real estate trading floor: Place of transactions on purchase, sale, transfer, sublease, lease or hire purchase real estate.

– Real estate consultancy: This is an activity to help with issues related to the real estate business as required by the parties.

Some issues to know in real estate business

In the real estate business, investors need to know the rules of this business method, which should note the following.

Trading real estate
Trading real estate helps us make good use of economic leverage
  • Real estate is a game of cash flow and capital gains: Cash flow and capital gain or simply understand is the lease and sale. In the real estate market, many speculators are now concentrating only on capital gains by buying a piece of land and then waiting for the real estate market to increase. However, this is quite high. And with successful investors, they often play both games. Prioritize the acquisition of potential real estate to generate cash flow, rental is.
  • Money is the endless game: If the game of capital gains will depend on many market factors. When real estate is suspended, profit will become a difficult commodity. In contrast, when the market is hot, real estate becomes expensive. With the money flow, the market demand for rent as large as in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, this demand is continuous, and the cash flow is sustainable and without end.
  • A place where rich people can increase their wealth: Why say so? Because the rich, they are aware that the real estate business is the way to get financial freedom in a sustainable way, rapidly multiplying their wealth many times more than the present.
You can borrow 70% from banks to invest in real estate
You can borrow 70% from banks to invest in real estate
  • Help us leverage good leverage: If you buy a property, come to the bank to borrow a large amount of money to make a transaction, then the bank will ask about the value of the property you are targeting. private After you give the value of the property, the banker will usually ask if you want to raise the limit. If you can prove your income enough to repay,then you only need to spend 30% of the initial money,the remaining 70% of the bank will lend to you when they have considered repayment capacity as well as appraisal of the real estate.

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