What Is Special About The One Verandah Design And Construction?

The apartments of two Ciel and Jardin towers One Verandah project is about to be sold by Mapletree investors. What are the differences of One Verandah apartments compared to other projects on the market?

The One Verandah project consists of five towers: Lumina, Ciel, Jardin, Viento, Soleil.

In the first phase, the owner of the One Verandah project, Mapletree, will open two towers: Ciel and Jardin. Right now, Vietnamrealestate will go with you to explore the design and construction techniques of these two towers to see how they differ from other projects on the market.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Typical floor plan One Verandah project

Jardin tower apartment design, what is one special Verandah?

According to the typical floor plan, we can see that the Jardin tower (which represents the green patch of vegetation) is a tower between the Viento Tower and the Ciel Tower, which is perpendicular to the Saigon River. 100% of Jardin Tower apartments have the cool river view. Because of this favorable vision, Vietnamrealestate expects the Jardin Tower apartment price to be the highest in the five towers.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Floor plan apartment Jardin

The apartments of the Jardin Tower are located from the 5th to the 18th floor, each floor will be arranged 2 stairs, 4 lifts and 12 apartments scale from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The Jardin Tower is also designed by four investors, which contributes to the ventilation of the apartments and corridors, and there are also 3 wind gates in the corridor, ensuring that the corridor at the Jardin Tower is always windy. and natural light. This is a special point in the One Verandah project that customers will rarely see in the other high-end apartments on the market today.

What is the special design of the Ciel tower in One Verandah?

Ciel tower is also one of the two towers to be Mapletree investors open sale, next to the Jardin tower as mentioned above. Unlike the Jardin tower, the Ciel Tower is parallel to the bank of the Saigon River, so the apartment at Ciel Tower has two main directions: towards the Saigon River and towards the administrative district in District 2, Thanh My Loi Ward.

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The apartments of the Ciel Tower stretches from the 5th to the 18th floor, with a slight difference of two units. One bedroom on the 5th – 7th floor will be added to the 3 rooms at the 8th – 18th floors.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Ciel Tower apartment from floor 5 – 7

Information from the investor shows that each floor Ciel tower will be arranged 8 apartments of 1 to 3 bedrooms; 3 elevators; 1 staircase and 3 wells. The design of the Ciel Tower is very scientific, all the rooms of the apartment are airy to ensure the wind and natural light. The corridor has three wells and two air gates.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Ciel tower apartment from 8th to 18th floor

If nothing changes, during the first sale, Mapletree will launch very few types of one bedroom apartment, specifically Ciel tower has only 6 units 1 bedroom located from the 5th to 7th floor, Jardin Tower 36 one-bedroom units from the 5th to the 18th floor. Thus, a total of only 42 One Verandah One bedroom apartments were opened for sale in the first phase.

According to Vietnamralestate, six one-bedroom units at Ciel Tower will have the best price. The one-bedroom units at Jardin Tower will be priced higher thanks to the Saigon River view.

One-Bedroom Apartment Project One Verandah

One-bedroom One Verandah apartment is designed with full functional areas including: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, private drying room, balcony, area for hot air conditioning. The highlight is that all areas have openings, including kitchens and restrooms.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

One-Bedroom Apartment Project One Verandah

Vietnamrealestate said the one-bedroom One Verandah project will be suitable for single people, couples, or small families of two couples and one child.

Design detail of two-bedroom One Verandah project

One bedroom apartment project One Verandah is the most popular apartment in the project, including many directions, many locations so customers are easy to choose. Two- bedroom One Verandah project

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Two -bedroom One Verandah project

One Verandah 2 -bedroom apartment is very reasonable, including: living room, 2 bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 1 balcony, a separate drying yard, and air conditioner. All areas of the apartment are open to the outside, including toilets.

Vietnamealestate said one-bedroom One Verandah apartment is suitable for families with 1 to 3 children.

Design detail of a three bedroom One Verandah project

Three-bedroom apartment project One Verandah is cornered with two open space, as well as design other units in the project, three-room apartment is also very scientific, all areas in the apartment are secured to get wind and natural light.

Thanks to the two open air so the view is very beautiful, all three One Verandah apartments have views of the Saigon River.

What is special about the One Verandah design and construction?

Three- Bedroom One Bedroom Apartment One Verandah

Vietnamrealestate said that the three-bedroom apartment is suitable for large families, from two to four children, or families with two generations. As the number of 3-room apartments is also less suitable for investment customers.

SUMMARY, we can see the design One Verandah apartment has the following points: First, all the rooms in the apartment are open space, this is the optimal design to ensure the wind Natural light is ubiquitous in your home, very few projects on the market do this. Secondly, the One Verandah project has a design area for its own air conditioning unit. This is a great thing that other high-end projects do not do so, ensuring that the balcony area is spacious, cool and not affected by the heat.

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