What Is Special About Valora Kikyo Villa?

Continuing the success of the previous projects, Nam Long investor along with two Japanese partners has designed a special project in District 9 – which has been a great success with such hit projects as: Flora Dao, Fuji Residence … and Valora Kikyo promising to be the most attractive project in District 9 this year. Kikyo is a flower symbolizing the eternal love Nam Long has named for these new products.

Overview of commercial townhouses and valor villas

– Location: Kikyo Residence.

– Investor of the project: Nam Long Real Estate Corporation and leading partners in Japan.

– Green density: greater than 60%

– The project scale of 17 ha includes:

+ Villa Valora Kikyo (including 110 villas)

+ Kikyo Town House

+ Social housing Ehome-S (with more than 1400 apartments)

+ Flora Kikyo Apartment (with 250 apartments)

Valora Kikyo apartment

Perspective of Valora Kikyo Villa District 9

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Inside the villa model Valora Kikyo – District 9 is bold Japanese

Valora Kikyo consists of 110 single-detached villas with the land area of 162.5 sqm, 187.5 sqm, 243.75 sqm – corresponding to the construction area of 130.3 sqm, 155.1 sqm, 171.3 sqm in the same design is a ground floor and a floor.

The villa is located in the middle of the grounds to keep the distance from the walls to the fence is 2 m for the yard, yard in front of the villa 3 m wide to arrange 2 parking spaces.

The interior design of each Valora Kikyo villa includes a ground floor layout for the living room, dining room and kitchen, a bedroom, a small store and a small toilet that is hidden away from the room. Guests will not notice. The entrance to the main entrance is the entrance to the living room, the entrance to the entrance is from the parking lot.

Drying area is expected to be located outside (outside the dining room there is a paved area of cement and grass).

Wooden stairs leading up to the first floor is the same living area. General living area is designed according to Japan (sit down, sit pillow, sit on knee … as you wish).

The first floor has all 3 bedrooms including a large bedroom with a private toilet in the room and two small bedrooms sharing the outside toilet. The master bedroom has a large balcony with glass railings.

The ratio of the glass of each Valora Kikyo villa is about 25% of the surface, each of which has glass or windows and doors for natural light and wind.

Valora Kikyo apartment

Interior architecture of Valora Kikyo Villa, District 9, Ho Chi Minh

It is also very cost-effective to save on lighting or to cool the house.

(Other than being in the city center there is always a high temperature background, in District 9 the air is a bit cooler, except when the sun is too hot, the rest just open the door to pick up some natural wind is enough for the house is very cool).

The upper part of the roof of the first floor is the truss to attach the font (not the concrete). Investors have carefully selected the type of Thai tile has high durability and effective heat resistance.

Basically, the structure of the villa Valora Kikyo so, but when handed over, the villa will be handed over to the owner so that the owner can arbitrarily creative(Except for the load bearing structure or technical piping, the rest can be rearranged to personal preference).

Add a little more about the Valora Kikyo utilities

 Within the district has a primary school so that children can go to school right near the house, very convenient and safe. If your family is three generations then grandparents can help you pick them up. While the children and the children go to work, they have a meditation area near the lake. This was the investor to invest in the whole area.

There are also commercial areas for the daily necessities of the whole family. Do not worry about shopping at supermarkets too far.

The project is well calculated in terms of ideas for a three generation family. Take advantage of the experience of many Japanese partners to build with reasonable functionality that the price of each single villa is competitive (The price is only equivalent to the price of adjacent houses or duplex villas in other projects).

What about the security system?

Valora Kikyo apartment

A complete, versatile system at Valora Kikyo Mansion District 9

You will be extremely comfortable and secure as well as avoid the risk, arise not worth it later when living in Valora Kikyo all security or management activities in the villa are guaranteed to go into operation. 24/7, and the monthly cost is only $0.45/sqm of campus area. Management costs include the use of a range of amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, club house and so on.

The environment is also a very bright form

Exterior appearance greatly influences the overall beauty of the villa. You should consider small elements such as shape, detailed lines, color or location of doors and windows… reasonable rational and scientific harmony.

In addition, the surrounding landscape such as the location of the land or the trees surrounding the villa, the projects, the surrounding buildings affect how to the villa?

These factors make a big contribution to the value of the whole villa. With Valora Kikyo you will be living in a space filled with fresh natural light and very cool atmosphere when surrounding the project is landscaping, clay ditches. The opposite is the high-class villa Valenca has been put into operation, creating a clean and classy environment.

Why choose Valora Kikyo as a permanent residence?

The Valora kikyo villa was built and developed by Nam Long Group, one of the three largest real estate developers and developers in Vietnam in the medium and small segment. With a series of completed projects to meet targets and progress is extremely attractive such as: The Bright View, Ehome1-2-3-4, Camellia Garden, Flora Anh Dao ..

What is the price of the Valora Kikyo apartment?

The price of each Valora Kikyo will be $260,800 or more. If inclusive of VAT, then $ 304,000 is a base already.

See more news information at: Vietnam Real Estate News

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