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What is the advantage of Compound Little Village?

The advantage of the compound compound Little Village

While apartment products are constrained by constraints, lack of ideas or unfavorable location ownership, investors may consider switching to the Little Village compound.

Compare the types of compound houses and apartments

Group homes and condominiums are two common types of properties on the market. These two types have different advantages and disadvantages. Investors may consider factors related to these two types of real estate products:

The same point

  •  The records for the similarity of the two types of compound and apartment building products are:
  • Security surveillance 24/7, CCTV system is located in residential areas.
  • There is a management unit that carries out the related matters in compound houses and apartments.
Little Village has high profit potential in the future
Compared with the massively built condominium, Little Village compound makes the homeowners proud to own


In addition to the overall design on the one side is the high-rise building, the other is designed according to the standards, the compound compound and apartments also have different points are:

  • Modern civilization community. Although the apartment can also be built such a lifestyle orientation, but the implementation is not easy and orderly.
  • The individual design, limited to just 41 units, was launched into the market by the Little Village compound, which made the owner more proud to own than the hundreds of thousands of identical apartments. .
  • In the compound of the compound, there is no activity of commercial centers contributing to the life of the community.
  • Noise pollution, security and order are limited to the type of housing in the compound.
  • While some condominiums allow outsiders to use the apartment utility, it is not possible at home in the compound. All facilities provided in the compound project only serve one resident in the compound.
The Little Village project is only available to residents of the area
The Little Village project is only available to residents of the area

The advantage of the compound compound Little Village

Compound Little Village is also built by the owner based on the unique characteristics of closed or closed city. Accordingly, the compound Little Village project has some remarkable features:

  • The management unit of the Little Village residential complex is a professional management unit operating according to international quality standards.
  • The project uses a smart electronic lock to maximize the convenience of the owner
Investors are allowed to own both land and houses at Little Village
Investors are allowed to own both land and houses at Little Village
  • The space is built open with ecological system combined with internal roads, green park created.
  • The compound community of Little Village is comprised of 41 limited-size homes that focus on building quality living. Neighbors are the same “class”, sharing modern life, civilization, knowledge.
  • Beautiful design, synchronized to bring the whole area in the neoclassical French style. Standard design with separate basement for each living room adjacent to other function rooms.
  • Fully furnished internal facilities for residents living in the building. Extracurricular facilities range from education, trade, entertainment, health …
  • Strategically located in the heart of the city, easy access to the center as well as the surrounding satellite towns.
  • The property of the Little Village project is of a long legal nature and is issued for each individual residence. Possession includes residential land and building part.
  • The open price of the competition is commensurate with its value. High liquidity with high investment potential.

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What is the advantage of Compound Little Village?

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