What Is The Liquidity Of Projects In The An Phu Area?

Although the development of Thu Thiem new urban area, An Phu urban area, Thao Dien area is becoming an attractive destination for investors by converging full potential development and planning area quite complete.

The liquidity of the projects along An Phu is considered to be quite good in the East Saigon area.

High liquidity due to the ability to lease, transfer well

What is real estate with good liquidity: A real estate product has created a fever in the market and attracted many investors, the product line must ensure liquidity. This liquidity can be understood as being easy to sell, easy to lease and not depreciated in the future.

Many people believe that the liquidity of real estate (real estate) is lower than gold, securities or savings deposits, because the ability to sell and convert to cash is not equal. But if, in full respect of aspects, real estate still has its own advantage that other assets do not have or have very limited. It is profitable to rent and transfer huge.

Dr. Su Ngoc Khuong, Director of Savills Investment Vietnam, said that demand for rent in the central area, District 2, District 7 is quite high in Ho Chi Minh City. Especially with the demand for rent of foreigners, the profit from the rental is also attractive from 6 to 8% per year, especially the project to 8%. In addition, the deposit market in Vietnam is declining so clearly this is a rather attractive investment rate for those who intend to invest in real estate in the long run.

An Phu area

Hanoi Highway: The gateway to the east of the city center over the Saigon Bridge has been expanded. A number of projects along the Hanoi Highway have risen sharply

The liquidity of the An Phu area along the Hanoi Highway

Referring to District 2 is a talk about new urban areas, trillion infrastructure projects and a series of skyscrapers projects crowded together at the gateway East Saigon, forming the existing residential complex. In particular, the area along the Hanoi Highway, Mai Chi Tho, Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway are the hot spots of the real estate market.

The most exciting is along the Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien metro line along the Hanoi Highway and the 12-lane Mai Chi Tho Boulevard connecting the city center via Thu Thiem Tunnel. Here, the projects nestled together grow close. Ho Chi Minh City’s first project to bring fever in the market is the high-end apartment The Vista, located at the Cat Lai interchange.

According to a survey from Vietnam Real Estate, the liquidity of the An Phu area, Thao Dien is quite good. The rents, transfers of projects along the Hanoi Highway such as Masteri Thao Dien, Gateway Thao Dien, Vista An Phu always reach the safety threshold.

For example, Thao Dien’s Masteri Thao Dien project, about 90% of units offered for sale, has a 50% occupancy rate. Next to the Thao Dien Gateway project of Son Kim Land reached a record with the number of apartments sold up to 95% in the basket of goods although the project is still under construction.

Similar to Thao Dien Gateway, there are two projects, Estella Heights (owner of Keppel Land) and D’Edge Thao Dien (investor Capitaland), where the number of products sold during the opening day is over 95%. Especially, The Nassim project of Son Kim Land sold 100% of the first sale.

An Phu area

Statistics of apartments offered for sale and rent in some projects along the Hanoi Highway

The market for buying and selling apartments in An Phu area, Thao Dien district, District 2 becomes more optimistic by the numbers. It can be said in 2017, a good time to invest real estate in the East. A number of famous investors have been carrying out their projects at this potential land. For example, at the Hanoi Highway, the market is about to receive about 900 Masteri An Phu apartments of Thao Dien Investment. In addition, the Greenland Group’s Parkland 2 project is also kicking off, promising to bring a sudden “hiccup” to the market rental / buying real estate.

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