What is the object and condition buy social housing?

Social housing is one of the types of housing built to meet the housing needs of many different people. There are special and disadvantaged people. What are the buyers of social housing and the conditions for buying a social house? Let’s find out in this article right now!

What are the object buy social housing?

Not everyone can afford social housing. So if you are interested in social housing and want to buy then you must belong to one of the following:


Buyers of social housing must be in the state policy

Buyers of social housing must be in the state policy

The object buy social housing including:

  • Those who have contributed to the revolution
  • Officials, civil servants and officials in the main welding agencies, Party and non-business agencies and mass organizations with salary from the state budget.
  • Being officers, professional soldiers of the people’s armed forces. Either those who work in custody but are not military personnel and are entitled to the same policies as soldiers in accordance with state regulations.
  • You are a worker or worker of all economic sectors in industrial zones.
  • Low income people and poor households in urban areas.
  • Being a social protection object such as elderly single, lonely people helpless.
  • These are the objects returned to the public service when the standard for renting public service.
  • Being students and students of colleges, universities, professional secondary schools …, regardless of whether they are public or non-public.
  • Individuals and households are subject to resettlement but not arranged housing.

So if you are one of the buyers of social housing, it means that you can look at the next conditions to see if the landmass is enough to buy a social home.

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Conditions for the purchase of social housing

To find out if you qualify for a social home, please see our terms and conditions below!

What condition do you need when purchasing a social home?

  • Being a person who does not have a house owned by him / her.
  • You have not purchased, rented or rented social housing
  • You are not eligible for a housing or land assistance policy in any of the places where you live or study. Or if you have housing, the area below the average per capita is set by the government.
  • You must have permanent residence in the provinces or cities under central government in the places where social housing is located.
  • In case you do not have permanent residence registration, you must have a temporary residence registration of at least 1 year in that province or city.
  • If they are cadres, workers and employees, they must not be subject to regular personal income tax.
  • You must be certified as poor, near poor by government regulations.

What do you need to prepare for housing?

Once you have met the social housing conditions, you need to prepare the following documents:

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  • To prepare applications for registration of purchase, rent or hire-purchase of social houses, made according to a set form. Form 1 applies to all subjects.
  • Forms of certification of the status of houses and buyers of social houses.
  • Conditions for the purchase of social housing

Once you have qualified for a social housing, you will need to prepare a social housing application

This is all about social housing buyers as well as social housing conditions and profiles you need to know. We hope this information will be helpful to you.

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