What Is The Prime Location For Vinhomes Golden River?

With today’s busy and busy life, the problem of traffic jams is always a painful problem because it takes you hours to get to work, to stand in the hot or cold weather but you cannot find the way out. In other words, traffic jams make you very annoyed and frustrated.

So when you go to choose your home, you always want to choose the places closest to your place of work, or at least the way from home to work must be airy and convenient. On the other hand, you are very careful, the house you want to choose must have good feng shui and good location, and worth living after the effort you have spent to buy a house.

Satisfying even the most demanding requirements, the Vinhomes Golden River apartment will surely satisfy you as it owns the glittering diamonds.

Where is the location of Vinhomes Golden River apartment project? What position does this bring to the Golden River? Soon we will go and find out!

Where is the location of Vinhomes Golden River Apartments?

Vinhomes Golden River apartment is located at 2, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, stretching along the Saigon River.

Owing to the position of this diamond, Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is well known to the real estate sector. Not only that, the project Vinhomes Ba Son also located near Metro beautiful shimmering as drawn right in the heart of Saigon. Because of this position, on the first day of launching and launching, the number of apartments booked and sold in Vinhomes Golden River Ba Son exceeded the expectations of investors. This may indicate this diamond position as being gifted and placed right at the Golden River.

Vinhomes Golden River project

Image depicts the location of the Vinhomes Golden River project

“The first is near the market, the second is near the water, the third is near the road.” Now let’s discover what Vinhomes Golden River has in this phrase!

Near the market: Looking at the location we can also know, the Vinhomes Golden River apartment project is located right in the heart of the city, where Saigon’s most crowded commercial area. District 1 is also home to a large number of visitors as well as foreign residents, corporate representative offices and buildings. District 1 is considered to have high population density. So when you immerse yourself in the crowded air in the center of Saigon will certainly make you enjoy and do not want to return.

Near the water: We can see in big cities like New York, Seoul or Tokyo that there is a river flowing through it, which represents the origin of life, of human prosperity and right now, at Vinhomes Golden River we can also see a beautiful Saigon River flowing through.

The Saigon River flows through the heart of the city, which is considered to be Saigon’s most beautiful and beautiful natural landscapes. It is the pride, the breath and the most beautiful picture of the people of Saigon. Vinhomes Golden River Apartments have a view of the Saigon River. It creates favorable conditions for the development of ecological urban riverside models, utilizing the high altitude design of large-viewing apartments. This will bring residents here a life close to nature.

Thanks to the location near the Saigon River, which is about 1 km early, you can go jogging or cycling along the riverside and breathe in the freshest air of the early morning. Not only that, you also get a 5-star boat cruise at night on the Saigon River with a shimmering, romantic scene filled with lights.

Near the road: Vinhomes Golden River Apartment also owns three wide streets: Nguyen Huu Canh, Dong Khoi and Ton Duc Thang. This is the 3 main arteries connecting Sai Gon City with neighboring districts in the city. The route is famous for its green trees and shady um trees. So you do not have to worry about sunshine too because offline when going through this route you will be selected shade of the old trees.

And another special element to make the Vinhomes Golden River stand out is that it’s near Metro. This is considered to be an advantage that very few of them have been the No. 3 Metro No. 1 Metro line located on the Vinhomes Golden River project site. Thanks to this location, you can also go straight on the railway with Metro Line No. 1 “Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien” right near the residence. This shows that Vingroup’s vision is very wide as it anticipates building along the Metro.

Vinhomes Golden River project

The Vinhomes Golden River project is located right next to the Metro to help residents move more conveniently

With diamond placement offers many benefits like this, why do not you come and enjoy the upper life right at Vinhomes Golden River right now?

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