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What makes Thu Thiem New City Apartment in district 2 special?

New City Apartment

New City Thu Thiem is a project that has awakened real estate world in District 2 – Saigon gateway in early 2017.

Thu Thiem New City apartment is viewed by real estate experts as a new step of the real estate market. The project has an average origin and is located on the resettlement land of An Phu Binh Khanh Ward – District 2 but is invested boldly by investors including Sacomreal + Thuan Viet + Thanh Thanh Cong as a cheap product.

Although it is a cheap product, the project is invested perfectly in almost everything, giving residents, customers and investors the best and classy living space, a place convening the most perfect architecture.

The project has just launched the market but has received a lot of attention from investors, reached the target of the middle class in the real estate market in Saigon. The project cost from only 35 million m2. This price is relatively cheap with the project is located in Thu Thiem new urban area where the average price is from 40 million/m2 or more.

The success of the Thu Thiem New City apartments project has been analyzed by many experts with special advantages such as: favorable location; regional link ability; Superior internal and external facilities; prestigious investor; classy design … Among the advantages mentioned above, the impressive thing when each customer set foot on the project that is the architecture of the project. Actually, you will hardly find a project with perfect architecture, but with cheap price in District 2 as Thu Thiem New City apartment.

New City of Thuan Viet is a scientifically planned project, which makes up the whole of a building with modern, luxurious style and not interior to any project in the area. The whole project is following the green trend – a modern and emerging trend that is caught up by every investor. The architecture of the apartment building here is also cared for every way with the solid but still elegant block.

All furniture in Thu Thiem New City apartments are furnished by investors as projects in the high-end segment. Specifically, each apartment is equipped with equipment from famous brands, from abroad. The owner wishes to bring an apartment that can meet all the needs of the people living in it. The furniture of the apartment includes: sanitary ware; automatic toilet; Lavabo; energy saving system using solar energy ….

The living space in the living room, bedroom is equipped with central air conditioning system for the whole building, luxurious and modern plaster ceiling, superior lighting equipment and wooden floor bringing warm feeling for the house. .

The security system at the project is safely protected by 3 layers. Inside the apartment, the main door is absolutely secured with magnetic lock, fingerprint lock which help residents to secure their property whenever they are away from home.

Open space design will help apartments Thu Thiem New City apartments Thu have an impressive view from the living room thanks to the glass system mounted outside, close to nature and enjoy the fresh, cool green nature from outside.

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What makes Thu Thiem New City Apartment in district 2 special?

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