What Must  You Do When Neighbors Are Too Noisy?

You live in a dream home and spacious, but unfortunately surrounded by neighbors often make noise, disorder. In this case, how would you handle it?

Neighbors cause noise to make your family and others uncomfortable, leading to conflicts that are not uncommon in large cities. Gently it is easier to reconcile, more tense they can not see each other face and moreover, they can hit each other. In many cases, there is also a murder case. Let’s read through this article, Rever will help you easily solve the noise around the house.

Option 1. Discuss the noise issue with your neighbor gently

In this way, you should gently approach them calmly and politely. Ask them to voice their voices and work together on a plan for how to solve the noise problem. In case you have never met the neighbor directly or have not talked to each other before, you should briefly introduce yourself. Please say this sentence: “Hello, I’m Tuan. I am in the wall with your house. “

Also, you should also mention noise themes that bother you and your family members, but you need to maintain as much respect as possible to not offend them. You can say “I do not know if you know it or not, but the wall here is very thin and I hear a lot of sound. They make me wake up at night. “

Option 2. Let them know that you are affected by the noise they cause

You may be studying, having children or older relatives at home, who can not tolerate excessive noise. You should explain to them why they need to be quiet. For example, if you are a college student, you should explain to your neighbor that you need quietness to study late at night. Remember to be honest and say, “I do not want to ruin your evening, but it would be great if you could talk a little bit between 10pm and 3am. They are important learning hours for me. “

Another way to confront your neighbors about noise is to remind the members of the house they may be harassing. You need to be sincere and say like, “Hey, I have a baby and although I like rock music, all this loud noise makes my child hard to sleep. Can you twist a little bit? I will be very grateful to you”.

To deal with the noisy neighbors,

To deal with the noisy neighbors, you should not point to their face and accuse them.

Option 3. Do not use contraception as a way to start a conversation

Do not blame or accuse, and do not be threatening your neighbors. If you are aggressive with them, they will react to you with hostility. Remember that you are looking for solutions, not hostile.

At the same time, you should avoid using blameful language like “you are” or “you need to”; instead, you should focus on your own feelings and transmit it to your neighbor. .

However, you should only do this after the noisy party has ended, never argue when the noise is taking place. Avoid visiting neighbors with anger or grievance. If you feel as if you are too uncomfortable to build a useful, mature conversation, you should talk at other times when you have calmed down a bit.

Option 4: Offer compromise

Can they keep silent before or after a certain time of the day? Can you or your neighbors wear headphones to minimize noise? Follow the noise complaints procedure that your building has set up to guide you through the compromise process.

Look at the rules of the apartment and / or residential area in which you live. Ask neighbors respect the time to avoid disturbing others as prescribed. If you are not sure how to settle yourself with your neighbors, you should use the board rules as a guide to help you solve the problem.

Option 5: Write the letter

If the problem persists, you should write to your neighbor. While this action may seem solemn, it can also be a clear and effective way of presenting your complaint in the least aggressive way. Take the time to compose a letter. Similar to the original interaction, you need to be polite and honest. Specify the outcome you expect to receive attached to the complaint. Keep a copy of the letter as part of the written record that you have made to resolve the issue.

Advice for those who are looking for a new home, avoiding the noise:

Select the apartment located on the top floor of the building: Usually, it will be quite expensive, but this is the most effective way to stay away from noisy neighbors.

High floor apartments

High floor apartments are one of the best ways to avoid noise

The noise does not affect the upper floor apartment as the ground floor. You should consider this factor when looking for an apartment.

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