What The Ministry Of Construction Said About The Proposal Giving The Casino In Laguna Lang Co Project

The Ministry of construction has just got the decision no. 1671 to answer Thua Thien-Hue province of people’s committee and the Economic- Industrial Zone Authority of Thua Thien-Hue province about the increase the capital of 2 billion USD and casino business investment for Laguna Lang Co project of Laguna Vietnam company limited.

Laguna Lang Co is invested by Laguna Vietnam company limited, which was issued a certificate of registration of investment No. 312043000008 on 7th of March, 2007, it is adjusted 10 times (10th time on 26th of June, 2014).

The goals of the project aims to: building and developing the resort of international standard with the scale of 280 hectares including appropriated resorts, spas, hotels, restaurants, entertainment areas, apartments and utilities to serve 400 000 tourists every year; selling or renting the villas and apartments; providing the infrastructure and infrastructure services related to housing; providing management services for tourism; conducting business activities related to the sale and rent of housing.

According to the proposal of the investor, the project proposed the investment capital increasing from 875 million USD to 2 billion USD and adding more casino business operation.

Laguna Lang Co project

The project is implementing phase 1.

In it, the business activities in the casino have the area of 2, 64 ha with the planned investment capital of 249.8 million USD. The more investment categories include the hotels increased from 2180 rooms to 3178 rooms; Villas soaks up from 1180 units to 2253 units.

According to the General Plan of a building of Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone, Thua Thien-Hue province in 2025 has been approved by the Prime Minister (decision No. 1771 on 05th of December 2008), Laguna Lang Co project is senior tourism and eco-tourism services development sector senior – the sector required in compliance with the planning.

In particular, the development of senior tourism and eco-tourism services is approved having the expected scale of 1950 ha, in which the Lang Co Resort of 950 ha, Bai Chuoi of 120 ha, Son Cha island resort of 150 ha, Cu Du resort of 360ha, Canh Duong resort of 270 ha and the rest of 100 ha.

Therefore, according to the Ministry of construction, the proposed project to complement the casino business and investment category and increase the investment scale of hotels, Villa need to make sure that it does not change the land use functions of this subdivision as well as no change of land use indicators under the General Plan of building of Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone which is approved by the Prime Minister.

In the case of project proposals affect the land use functions of the sector and the detailed planning of the project, The Department of construction proposed Thua Thien-Hue province directed the concerned units in the evaluation and of the subdivision plan adjustment approval (if any) and the detailed planning of the project to ensure the basis for the investment provisions of the law.

According to the notification No. 16 on 15th of September, 2016 of the Central Committee of Communist Party and the Politburo agreed to modify the casino project in the Thua Thien-Hue province.

Laguna Lang Co project

Thua Thien Hue is a type of casino in Laguna Lang Co

The casino business is conditional business activities, as defined in paragraph 1, article 23 of Decree 3/2017 on 16th of January, 2017 of the Government in the casino business, the casino business operations are only granted the registered investment certificates accompanied the service, travel and general entertainment project with minimum investment categories such as hotels, tourism, Commerce, entertainment, Conference Centre with minimum investment capital of the project is 2 billion USD.

Therefore, according to the Ministry of construction, the project has to ensure the application of the provisions mentioned above.

Earlier, Thua Thien-Hue province had the submitted papers the Government in reviewing the increasing investment capital policy up to 2 billion USD and the casino business investment for Laguna Lang Co project of Laguna Lang Co Vietnam company limited.

According to the documentary of province of people’s committee, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of culture, sports and tourism have agreed and supported the proposed increase capital to 2 billion USD for Laguna Lang Co project and also suggested that Laguna Vietnam conducted the procedures to supplement operations of casino project in Laguna Lang Co project.

Ministry of National Defence agreed on the proposed policy of the Prime Minister in modifying Chan May-Lang Co Economic Zone in planning the casino business places of Viet Nam and casino business investment undertaking for the project.

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