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What Will Be The Real Estate Of HCM City In Tet Holidays And 2018?

real estate of HCM City in Tet holidays and 2018?

Real estate segment is expected to increase the supply of real estate because of the huge demand.

Recently, HCMC Real Estate Association has announced the forecast property market in the last two months of the year, Tet holiday and 2018. Specifically, according to this forecast, the property market is still located in the recovery and growth cycle but will continue to level off from 2016.

According to Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of HoREA, the real estate market will have a strong shift to the affordable segment to meet the real needs of the majority of middle-income people, low-income people.

Many positive signals

The city is changing the purpose of using about a third of the city’s agricultural land to industrial land, services, urban land; smart urban construction … This is the basis for the development of the property market in the medium and long-term.

real estate of HCM City in Tet holidays and 2018?
Forecasts in 2018 HCMC real estate market will develop more positively.

Forecasts show that the size of the HCM City property market has now moved beyond the administrative boundaries of the city and has spilled over into “Ho Chi Minh City”, especially in the districts of Ho Chi Minh City bordering Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, according to Chau’s analysis, the state will promulgate several new laws by 2020 and may use tax instruments such as homeowners tax and tax movables; Credit facilities such as credit limit roadmap to real estate market in accordance with Circular 06/2016 / TT-NHNN of the State Bank. But in fact, credit growth in 2017 is likely to be as high as 21%, leading to concerns about the economic boom that could make real estate fever come back.

M & A will thrive

In the last two months of 2017 and 2018, HoREA forecasts the trend of cooperation among enterprises will be inevitable. M & A activity will grow stronger than previously, thanks in part to the effective implementation of the National Assembly Resolution on Debt Elimination bad. Foreign capital inflows and remittances continue to be an important source of investment in the economy and the property market in the near future.

real estate of HCM City in Tet holidays and 2018?
Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A) will grow stronger than before

“The demand of the modern real estate market requires enterprises to continuously restructure, reform themselves and innovate, build a corporate culture, corporate spirit, fully demonstrate social responsibility to customers. The fourth technology revolution, the internet connects everything, artificial intelligence; And the development trend of green property projects, friendly environment, safe, full of utilities are the new requirements of consumers that investors have to meet, “HoREA said.

There is no real estate bubble in the last two months of 2017 to the Lunar New Year and 2018, Chau, chairman of HoREA said, is unlikely to happen, due to interference, more timely and effective manner of the State; Enterprises are also trying to restructure their investment and reshape their products to meet the needs of the market. And because secondary investors are more alert, more market savvy.

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