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When Renting A House, You Have More Benefits Than You Think

Rent benefits

In the article below, Vietnam Real Estate will point to six reasons why you may find that renting a home has certain benefits over buying a home, including financial benefits, relocation and tax related problems

Rent a house, do not worry about repair costs

Currently, most rental agreements require that the tenant not incur any charges if the electrical system or water system in the home is experiencing the malfunction, which will usually be paid by the owner. Sometimes the cost of repairs is huge but tenants can be assured that this is not their problem.

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Rent benefits
Repairing a home is usually done by the homeowner, the renter does not have to bother

In the current competitive housing situation, real estate owners are always looking for ways to help tenants feel comfortable and satisfied with their rental property. In the event of a downgrade or repair, the tenant also has the advantage of negotiating lower rents.

Access to good facilities without worrying about investment budgets

Renting makes it easy for you to benefit from good utilities without having to spend on construction and equipment. The job of the tenant is to find the right home, meet their needs at a reasonable price to meet the budget.

Do not pay property taxes

Rent benefits
Tenants do not have to worry about property taxes

Typically, the property tax will be paid by the owner of the property. Obviously, if you are a tenant, you will not be subject to this tax. The property tax is determined based on the value of the property, but it depends on the location of the property. Each province or city will have different taxes. For large value real estate, this tax is not small.

Avoid high initial billing costs

With the current real estate situation, if you want to buy a house or an apartment, you must first pay between 30% and 50% of the value of the property, the remaining amount can be paid later. Other forms, such as bank loans, financial companies … For example, with a house price of VND 2 billion, you need to pay in advance from VND 650 million to VND  1 billion if you want to own that house.  It is not a small amount of money for many ordinary workers.

Meanwhile, the rent will help you lessen the financial pressure, you only have to pay a deposit of the original rent from 2 to 6 months, the amount is not too large compared to the money paid for the purchase of a home.

Property value does not significantly affect rents

Rent benefits
Tenants do not have to worry when the real estate market fluctuates. Illustration

If you own a home, you will certainly have to worry when the real estate market is “turned”, causing severe housing prices to fall and directly affect the value of your home. On the other hand, if you are just a tenant, you will not have a “headache” about the volatility of the real estate market. You are a big benefit if the land price goes down and rent also signs down.

Renting a home gives you more flexibility in your work

If you do frequent business trips or frequently have to move from one branch to another, your tenancy is right for you. With short-term rent, you will not have to worry about housing issues, worry about losing your home repair or looking for a home care provider. That is quite the opposite when you own a house right.

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When Renting A House, You Have More Benefits Than You Think

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