When The Giants Choose To Super-Estate

For businesses, the choice of a new business path also means facing many difficulties and risks. Therefore, only the “boss” financial strength, dare to think, dare to get “sweet fruit” is the work or life products or services never. Tan Hoang Minh Group with super apartment segment can be considered as a typical example.

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Superb property

D ‘. Palais Louis – works as a masterpiece of timeless art has appeared on Nguyen Van Huyen Boulevard

Tan Hoang Minh Group is known as the owner of “diamonds” land and real estate developers with a design style of art, aesthetics, and luxury.

While many developers change their niche product strategy, they are turning to the mid-end segment with their location far from the center, the outskirts, and the simple flat size. Hoang Minh is consistent with his product line.

It can be seen that all of the Group’s properties share the same location: in the center and near the lake. D ‘. Le Roi Soleil is right on Xuan Dieu Street, Dang Thai Mai and overlooking the panoramic view of the West Lake. D ‘. Le Pont D’or the tower was put into operation in the heart of Dong Da district and owns the best view of Hoang Cau lake.

Meanwhile, 6 apartments D’. Capitale is located at the center of the new administration area in the west, adjacent to 3 sides of Le Van Luong, Khuat Duy Tien, Hoang Minh Giam, turn one face towards the lake. Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh air conditioner. D ‘. Palais Louis, the tower consumed the press of luxury, splendidly decorated with gold-plated apartments, was officially inaugurated at the end of 10/2017 after nearly a decade of refined construction.

Located right on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District gate, guests will enjoy a peaceful Hanoi with Nghia Do Lake and West Lake from the wide door of the apartments. If the location is always evaluated is the most expensive element of real estate, Tan Hoang Minh Group has the “trump card” in hand. Two “gold” key and “near the lake” are also affirmative for the financial potential and eyes of real estate investors.

Among the real estate of Tan Hoang Minh, D ‘. Palais Louis is considered a masterpiece by the efforts, enthusiasm, willpower, money that Tan Hoang Minh has built. Approximately 10 years enough for many investors, including Tan Hoang Minh design, construction, and handover of many buildings but with D ‘. Palais Louis, Tan Hoang Minh need a lot of time and effort to perfect, refine.

Superb property

Each apartment is a luxury world with the leading furniture in Europe such as Longhi, Bamax, Dragan, Sige Gold, Giusti Portos

If you consider the investment cost, business efficiency, there will be no investor choice path to invest in this luxury apartment. If you count on financial figures, Tan Hoang Minh does not choose the design, the level of interior finishing, and the availability of ready to go to work again, until the new eyes only as with D ‘. Palais Louis.

At the moment, when opening D ‘. Palais Louis, in front of guests, is a perfect masterpiece to detail. A tower bearing the shadow of Versailles Palace with classic European architecture. An intricate bronze door carved as an open sculpture welcomes the owner, a hall with 12.5m high ceilings and artful mural paintings by hand painters from Italy, a large open-air hollowed-out hall, a building with up to 8 openings.

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When entering each apartment, anyone can not describe in words the interior, the layout, the furniture and the “view” all reflect a life out of European fairy tales.

When introducing the distinguished guests, Mr. Do Anh Dung – Director and General Director of Tan Hoang Minh said: “There are many reasons to make difference for the owners of 242 apartments D ‘. Palais Louis. Travel around the world you can not find any apartment towers in the heart of the building to welcome the owners when returning or preparing to go out. No investor spends more than 400m2 through the 31st floor of the building to make the skylight because sacrificing commercial space thus affecting profits too large. There are no escapes 6 elevators in the middle of the water music scene as the stars because no one dared to invest the cost of each elevator is $ 300,000 and work with partners to design a separate version for the building. There is much to say about this building. “

Superb property

The 400-meter-wide skyline through the building with the water music station always brings cool music to welcome the owner D ‘. Palais Louis

With the guideline “Passion for perfection”, the captain of Tan Hoang Minh Group decided to build, construct, as hi-tech solutions require deep thinking to attach to the side wall. In the building of sustainable marble slabs, when the decision will be hand-painted decorative paintings when the decision to use crocodile leather or gold plated multi-layered interior details. And the tree came out sweet, it was not a tower with 242 masterpieces completed perfectly fine, but the reception of the guests here.

Mr. Do Anh Dung said: “I finally proved that the 10-year road to building a masterpiece of my success. Seeing the customers admiring, listening, touching the details from the apartment door, wine cabinets, tables, chairs in the apartment to the marble decoration project … I know they feel the difference “.

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