Where are the rich people investing in ?

Villas, business-friendly townhouses are becoming “worthwhile” beside gold and bank savings.

It is no coincidence that the villas, townhouses offer to sell to the fire even though prices are high and increasingly increasing signs of increasing. Over the past few years, Savills Consulting has forecast that 280,000 households will move from the middle class to well-off in the 2016-2020 period, and that is the preference for buying townhouses, villas. to live.

Real Estate – Targeted by the rich

After a process of investment and business, when the rich accumulate, rich people turn to buy assets. The destination they choose will be the assets that both preserve the capital that has just generated. And real estate is always on the priority list because they expect the value of the property to increase and get the regular cash flow from the sublease.

On the other hand, many wealthy people entering the middle age, they want to be resting old age rather than “adventure” as a young age, do not want to day and night to worry about the business plan . They just have to make a steady and secure profit. Instead of choosing risky investment channels, such as stock and land surfing, these rich people often “dump” into real estate that is both potential and affordable.

High-end real estate is the "million dollar savings book".

High-end real estate is the “million dollar savings book”.

That is why real estate investment products, such as townhouses and villas, have high absorption rates. CBRE’s statistics show that new supply does not meet demand. In the first quarter of 2018, only 450 units were sold in Hanoi but sales reached 580 units.

In particular, the price on the primary market has increased 5.4% compared to the previous quarter. CBRE said that the projects attracting buyers are usually projects located in existing residential areas, thrive. A large number of these are street houses with great business potential.

From such a perspective, experts say Shopia Imperia Garden is like a million-dollar savings book of the super-rich. Not only is it possible to save capital in any situation, but the Shop Villa Imperia Garden can also generate regular cash flow from rent. Therefore, this is a project that the rich have hunted recently. The “hot” to the present, only very few bases are offering.

“Yellow chicken” lay “diamond” eggs

According to the experts, the super-rich “close” Shop villa Imperia Garden because this is a channel to keep assets safe and special with great profit potential. The immortal secret that makes up the value of a property is the location. The better the position, the less the value. Meanwhile, the villa projects are planned synchronously in a project of closed utility houses such as Imperia Garden increasingly rare  in Hanoi.

The Imperia Garden villa

Shop villa Imperia Garden – a safe and effective investment channel of the rich.

Not only that, Imperia Garden villas are also referred to as “golden egg laying eggs” for investors. This is one of the rare projects in the center of the city designed in the style of Shop villa, that is both able to stay and can business.

If you do not have the need to live, you can rent a villa, a restaurant, a spa, a training center or a luxury office in a cool and airy space.

With 9m wide frontage, spacious basement parking, waiting for elevator and located in crowded residential area with high income, Shop villa Imperia Garden easy to rent at very high prices. Moreover, commercial villas have been built on the outside so they can be rented right after receiving the house. That means, immediately, the investor has received the monthly non-profit money is not small from his own villa.

Customers purchase Shop villa Imperia Garden will be paid flexible in 4 waves, the bank loans up to 80% of the sale price and discounted 2% villa value if paid soon. Contact details Hotline: 0919736699, Website: imperiagarden.com

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