Where can people look up information on Hanoi planning?

Planning information Hanoi is the phrase is a lot of residents seeking and inquiring now. But not everyone knows how to look up this information, not even know where to look, through which channel.

To help residents get to know Hanoi’s planning information and take initiative in their housing and investment plans.

Understanding the planning of Hanoi through the “traditional”

Although it is very close to the name but few understand the “traditional” mode is the information channels that people can see the information planning Hanoi. The implication of this statement is that the people can go to the People’s Committee of the ward where they live to be monitored, grasped information and supported by staff, answer questions.

Look up information planning in the ward is the traditional way of people from the past

Look up information planning in the ward is the traditional way of people from the past

This is a fairly simple way for people to receive the latest Hanoi city planning information but their downside is that they often cost you time and energy. Normally, the amount of work at the Urban Management Offices is quite high, so the reception and feedback of people’s questions about urban planning will often be delayed or even have to register the calendar before. In addition, for residents located far from the administrative center, transportation will be difficult.

With the help of land managers and managers, you will get the information you need

These are some of the obstacles that make people less likely to seek this method if they want to track the planning information. But if so, how can people see the planning of Hanoi? The answer to this question will be right below.

The online planning map is a pretty close app for modern residents. They are the result of technology development and bring great convenience to users who need to learn the planning information of Hanoi and other areas. This application is usually built on the Web and operating systems on smartphones such as Android and iOS.

With this method of searching, you only need to have Internet connection to be able to view the planning information in major cities across the country. More specifically, you can view Hanoi city planning information, traffic planning, administrative division, etc. on an application browser. Thanks to that, people will not have to go to the Commission to consult and get information on planning.

You can look up planning information easily with just an Internet connection

You can look up planning information easily with just an Internet connection

Not only that, the “Online Planning Map” applications are still being researched and developed to be able to replace administrative procedures such as applying for online planning information, creating a profile immediately. At home, just you have an Internet connection. Once these applications are put into widespread use, they will certainly be well received from the crowds as well as the leaders.

Planning Portal from Hanoi Department of Natural Resources and Environment

Beside the above two methods, you can view the planning information in Hanoi at the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The website of this unit is full of planning information as well as land use planning throughout the city. With a simple search tool, you will surely find the information you are most interested in.

It can be said, information planning issues Hanoi always occupied the attention of the people. They can determine the future of an investment decision that you intend to make in the future. Therefore, to avoid wasting time and money, please neutralize your concerns about planning by immediately applying the methods we share right here. Certainly this information will make it much easier for you to find the information you need.

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