Which Investment Channels Are The Most Attractive In The Last Year?

(Construction) – According to surveys of many real estate market research companies, the new supply to the market tends to level off due to increasingly tight investment procedures; Land for development of new projects is also increasingly scarce, especially in the central areas such as District 1, District 3, District 4 …

In addition, investors still confirm the real estate in the center of the city. Ho Chi Minh City has always been a stable and safe investment channel compared to other investment channels.

Attractive investment channel

According to many experts, in recent years in the main investment channels of the “financial circles” are securities, gold, foreign currency and real estate, the real estate investors are still interested. Best. The gold market has become very quiet for months, interest rates on banks only fluctuate around 5% per year; Dollar interest rate is zero, a stock is also not sustainable, so investors choose real estate is understandable.


Icon 56 (Ben Van Don, District 4) is one of the projects with high rates of return today

CBRE’s survey of some indicators to sketch the effectiveness of real estate investment in the past 10 years. Accordingly, the investment yields for the high-end apartment segment in prime locations in the central area of Ho Chi Minh City are at the highest level in 10 years, 3-4% higher than the bond interest rate. government term and highest in many cities in Asia.

Tran Khanh Quang, a real estate expert, said that the sustainability and efficiency of the profitability problem for a real estate product should meet all the factors such as rental rates, increase real estate prices and liquidity of the project. These factors are determined by the position. The central location of Ho Chi Minh City always ensures high profitability, price increases over time.

In recent years, District 4 has contributed to a number of high-yielding projects such as Icon 56, RiverGate Residence, The Trésor, and Galaxy 9. According to Marc Townsend, General Director of CBRE Vietnam, The high-end is no longer clinging to the metro line but rather places with large urban areas to benefit from future spillovers. The outstanding advantages of the projects located in District 4 are just 1km from District 1, while the supply in District 1 is almost without new projects. “


The Galaxy 9 apartment is located at 9 Nguyen Khoai, adjacent to Ben Van Don Street – the artery of District 4 is located in parallel with the highway Vo Van Kiet

In addition, the infrastructure in the area adjacent to District 1 and District 4 simultaneously developed, promoting the value of real estate increased sharply and sustainably. The rate of absorption is very fast and the rental performance index ranged from 8-12% in completed projects such as Icon 56, Galaxy 9, … have proven this investment channel attractiveness.

Forecasting the end of the year, as the business and finance increased investment or the number of remittances poured into the country increased sharply, cash flow will continue to pour into the central real estate.

Many “golden opportunities”

Recently, as the source of increasingly rare in the central area, the focus of the market is on the Saigon Royal project (Ben Van Don, District 4) with high transaction volumes thanks to practicality and appeal from the incentives of the project.

“Saigon Royal has launched a package of 12% profit, receive at home (equivalent to 600-700 million) if put into operation immediately can be reached at 8% per year thanks to the amplitude Price increases from the center property again. Clearly, Saigon Royal investment is reasonable now. “- Nguyen Ngoc Minh, real estate investor experienced analysis.


Saigon Royal now applies attractive incentives: pay 30% to get home, receive a commitment to profit up to 12%, interest rate support 0% in 18 months.

Also according to an experienced real estate expert, the segment analyzes most of the clients are … there is a lot of money, of which most are very knowledgeable about real estate investment, they are very menstrual experience in the market. Therefore, they analyze very carefully and accurately each project, selecting investors to invest, considering profit/capital ratio … The “wealthy people” poured money into the real estate segment It also contributes to accelerating the value-added segment faster.

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