Which luxury villa projects are open for sale in 2018?

Little Village Project, Lancaster Eden Project, Evergreen Project are the three most remarkable villa developments since the first half of 2018. These villas are located in the high end segment to the luxury, promising villas in Ho Chi Minh City thanks to the outstanding advantages.

Little Village – Luxury compound villa in the area

Little Village is the project that owns the prime location on Pham Van Dong Street. This is the most prominent compound villa project in the East Saigon area with many outstanding features that few of them have.

Little Village is a project that integrates modern management technology applications with the desire to bring home the most comfortable and comfortable. Residents living in compound Little Village can easily control their home appliances with just a phone or tablet. Small manipulations create the great value that Little Village project owners want to create. In addition, the project has integrated facilities such as magnetic card port, fingerprint lock, … meet the standards of a compound and security level.

Little Village project

Little Village is designed in neoclassical architecture of France

Little Village’s owners are strong financial individuals, fond of private, classy and stylish. Designed in the neoclassical architecture of France, Little Village project marked the market thanks to this unique style, fashion. The design at Little Village is perfectly synchronized, allowing residents to live comfortably in the same civilized, shared community.

Space at the Little Village project is airy and peaceful

Space at the Little Village project is airy and peaceful

The space at the Little Village project is well-built with natural ecosystems combined with internal roads bringing a sense of calm and peace to the residents. Extracurricular facilities are extremely rich and diverse thanks to its location in the area of ​​infrastructure development and good material. Extracurricular facilities are rich and varied from education, trade, entertainment to health.

Little Village is offered for only 8 billion per unit

Little Village is offered for only 8 billion per unit

In particular, the legality of the Little Village project is guaranteed for a long time. Investors are committed to giving the pink book for each separate unit at Little Village. Therefore, choose to buy Little Village to live or invest both bring high guarantee of profitability, as well as good liquidity.

Little Village is offered for only 8 billion per unit. This is a very suitable project for owners who prefer high-end compound villas. Little Village is currently one of three impressive projects for customers in the first half of 2018.

Some general information:

– Owner: World Housing Co., Ltd

– Project Development Unit: Phuong Viet Investment Corporation (PVInvest)

– Location: Pham Van Dong Street, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc Dist. HCM

– Scale of project: 7.500sqm

– Construction density: 30%

– Area of ​​townhouses: 5 x 20m, 5 x 22m, 5 x 24m, 9x18m

– Structure: 1 basement, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 1 roof, a roof terrace and green garden in the house.

– Number of units: 41 (Block A: 19 units, Block B: 16 units, Block C: 6 units)

– 24/24 security. Camera system stores images of 1 month.

– Legal: Pink book forever

– Construction period: From Quarter II / 2017

Lancaster Eden Project – $ 350 million villa for only 14 owners

Lancaster Eden villa project owns a unique location in District 2

Lancaster Eden villa project owns a unique location in District 2

One of the villas projects in the notable luxury segment of the Central Group is Lancaster Eden. Located in front of Tran Luu Street, An Phu Ward, District 2, Lancaster Eden is a hot name in the real estate market thanks to its many outstanding features.

With an extremely limited amount of just 14 villas for true homeowners, Lancaster Eden offers many value for homeowners. Owning a unique prime location, in the heart of the city, Lancaster inherits exquisite facilities and synchronous development infrastructure.

Club House at the Lancaster Eden project

Club House at the Lancaster Eden project

Inspired by the legendary Eden Gardens, the Lancaster Eden project has continued to advance the Lancaster heritage. Space completely isolated project brings residents a peace, absolute privacy. The design at the Lancaster Eden project optimizes space, welcomes natural light and wind, creating a living space close to nature.

It is known that the design at the project Lancaster Eden is made up of experts, architects in Singapore. Each piece of stone, wood, glass in Lancaster Eden is calculated to be as perfect and harmonious as possible. Each sketch of each of the Lancaster Eden villas was also completed over a one-year period and meticulously to the smallest detail before commencement of construction.

The light tunnel in Lancaster Eden covers 8,000 square meters of the entire project

The light tunnel in Lancaster Eden covers 8,000 square meters of the entire project

The amenities at Lancaster Eden include a spacious and spacious light tunnel up to 8,000 square meters. All of them are well laid out and meticulously designed, along with an underground transport system that creates a special space at the Lancaster Eden project. Club House is more than 1,000m2 with all kinds of entertainment such as whiskey louge, sigar louge, gym-yoga are integrated in the project to serve each Lancaster owner.

With the ambition to create a high-end product for the elite, Lancaster Eden meets the stringent standards of hard-working clients. Selecting the minimalist, modern design instead of the classic style, besides the extremely limited amount on the market, the Lancaster Eden is just for those who deserve it.

The project will be completed in 2018 with prices commensurate with the value, from VND61 billion per unit.

Some general information:

– Developer: Trung Thuy Group (Trung Thuy Group).

– Has deployed the project: Lancaster Lincoln, Lancaster Le Thanh Ton, Lancaster Hanoi, Lancaster Nguyen Trai will be deployed in 2017.

– Total area: over 10,000 sqm

– Project location: In front of Tran Luu street, next to Tax Department and next to An Phu – An Khanh, District 2, HCMC. Located in Zone E, the most classy area with 14 luxury villas.

– Type of investment: Villa in a closed, modern and secure compound.

Evergreen District 7 – Luxury multi-purpose villa

Evergreen project

Panoramic view of Evergreen complex

Evergreen is located at the position of Huynh Tan Phat street, District 7. Evergreen project can easily access the outstanding facilities of Phu My Hung residential area.

The Evergreen project is designed in a modern style, but with its own characteristics. The villa offers plenty of backward space for the homeowner to use as a flower garden. The lakeside villas are separated by rows of trees. Surrounding the project is the ecological area, walking paths and small gardens are carefully taken care of.

In addition, the Evergreen project integrates a myriad of five star facilities that are committed by the owner to bring the best quality of life for residents. In particular, the HyperNest nest restaurant and The Best Marina at Evergreen. HyperNest bird nesting house is over 1000sqm wide, considered as an architectural symbol for the Evergreen project in particular and the whole real estate market. The Best Marina Marina is an international standard with a length of over 300m and a capacity of 11 yachts. The automatic opening and closing system at the marina allows for the provision and maintenance of a stable water level. In addition, Evergreen also owns the outstanding Clubhouse with medical services, spa, salon beauty salon, mini supermarket, …

Marina at Evergreen

Marina at Evergreen

In the first phase of June, 1818, Evergreen launched the first 30 City Villas in the market. Each unit is worth from VND 1 to 35 billion with area of ​​128sqm each.

With the potential of location, utility and value of the level built from the investor, Evergreen is one of three projects villas in 2018.

HyperNest Bird Nest Restaurant at the Evergreen Project

HyperNest Bird Nest Restaurant at the Evergreen Project

Some general information:

– Owner: Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Co., Ltd.

– Project location: Nguyen Luong Bang Street, Phu My Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City facing the million dollar Chateau in District 7.

– Total investment: VND1800 billion.

– Total project area: 74,069.5 sqm, equivalent to 7.4 ha

– Commercial name of the project: Residential Complex PMR Evergreen District 7.

– Type of investment: commercial center, villas, garden houses …

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