Which Urban Areas In Saigon Is Safe For You In The Rainy Season?

The urban area is planned according to the strict guidelines to ensure the drainage in the rainy season that Rever wants to introduce to readers, that is Phu My Hung – the center of Saigon South.

First of all, about the reason of flooding in Saigon, many people blame floods and tides. But in fact, this is not the main reason for this. Many people living in Saigon previously said that before 1990, there is no flooding in the City, despite the floods from the upper Dong Nai River, Sai Gon River and tides. Looking back at the change of the city after nearly 20 years, we will have the answer to this problem.

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Flooding not only due to floods, tides

According to urban management experts, unregulated urbanization, the violation of the principles of securing sewerage systems in new urban areas is the main reason for flooding situation. The leveling of many areas of ponds and canals for urban works has made the city no longer have water on site. In addition, the spontaneous development of residential areas, major construction projects along the banks of the Saigon River upstream also disappeared thousands of hectares of water contained area. The process of urbanization in suburban areas previously used only for agricultural purposes has made water drainage problems in Saigon worse. This is the disadvantage of urbanization when people violate the general principles of construction.

Saigon is safe for you in the rainy season

Phu My Hung urban area with the system of rivers, canals are preserved

Why is Phu My Hung urban area not flooded in rainy season?

* Ensure the principles of drainage in the planning process: Phu My Hung urban planners have calculated closely when building this urban area to ensure that it is not flooded and not affecting the overall drainage of the city:

– The entire construction site is located at a height of 1.5 meters above the highest tide level. This altitude also takes into account the sea level rise in the future.

– The system of rivers, lakes and canals is preserved, both to preserve the natural landscape and avoid obstructing the flood-inducing flow.

–  Maintain large public land areas along the river banks to increase protection of the area if flooding occurs. This is a step to prevent possible fluctuations in the future.

– Concreting is minimized: The entire pavement system is paved with bricks, with chinks for drainage.

* Does not affect drainage system of the city and surrounding areas: Although it is much higher than the lowland areas such as Nha Be, Phu My Hung urban area does not affect the problem of flooding of the suburban area and the whole city because the area of Phu My Hung is barely 600 hectares, only 2% of the area of Nha Be. Thus, the problem of obstructing the City’s sewer system does not happen.

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Saigon is safe for you in the rainy season

Map of Saigon South (Source: Internet)

Moreover, looking at the map of Saigon South, you will find that Phu My Hung does not block any canals, streams. In fact, Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard is nearly 18 km long with dozens of bridges, sluices and the entire road surface are connected smoothly with drainage. And if you look at the observation, you will find daily worker regularly clean, clear, do not let rubbish, soil blocking the drainage system along the route.

Choosing an ideal place to solve the problem of flooding in the rainy season in Saigon is not easy. Are you willing to spend a lot of money to buy an apartment in the green project to get clean living space and pure but you ever care where you choose to be flooded in the rainy season or not? Be the smart choice before the problems that the city is facing.

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