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Who are Palm Garden’s investors?

Perspective of Palm Garden project design - Palm City

Palm Garden Apartment – Luxury Apartment is operated and developed by reputable investors from inside and outside the country.

Any apartment, villa or high end condominium project that needs to be successfully completed needs to be operated and developed by a capable and experienced developer in the real estate market. An investor with years of experience and prestige in the real estate market will help the project to be well operated and handed over on time. And if you and you are inquiring about the Palm Garden apartment project and want to know the owner of this project is he any? Have prestige or not? Please follow the article below.

Palm Garden - Plam City project
Overview of the modern, luxurious and classy Palm Garden apartment building in District 2, HCMC.

Who are Palm Garden’s investors?

Located in the residential area of ​​Nam Rach Chiec, Palm Garden apartment project is a high-end apartment building that receives a lot of attention from customers. Officially, Palm Garden apartment is a high-class apartment in Palm City project, the investor officially operated and developed this project is investor alliance Keppel Land- Tran Thai- Tran Phuoc. These are the three prestigious and reputable units in the real estate market in and out of the country, promising to create a perfect Palm Garden.

What are the owners of this prestigious and experienced real estate market?

As mentioned above, the Palm Heights project is an alliance between Keppel Land and Tran Thai-Tien Phuoc. Below we will provide information about these owners.

Keppel Land Real Estate Company

Keppel Land is a real estate company under the Keppel Group (the Singapore Government owns a 20% stake in Temasek Holdings Holdings), headquartered in Singapore. Keppel is one of the leading multinational corporations in the lion island with three key investment areas: Real Estate, Petroleum and Marine. As of 2012, the market capitalization of this corporation has reached over $ 15 billion and has increased sharply over time.

investor of Palm Heights
Keppel Land is the investor of the Palm garden apartment complex

Currently, Keppel Land has a network of representative offices throughout Asia, with key markets such as Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, China and emerging markets. Only in Vietnam, Keppel Land has been one of the pioneer and largest real estate investors with diversified portfolio in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau and Dong Nai.

Major portfolios of Keppel Land include: Grade A office buildings, commercial centers, high-end residential projects, modern metropolitan areas with full facilities luxury and serviced apartment projects. With more than 20 licensed projects as well as planned investment, construction and development of about 25,000 homes in Vietnam, Keppel Land investor is increasingly asserted its position and reputation in the market, Especially received great trust from many customers.

Keppel Land has done a lot of high-end projects and received great reviews from customers. Typical projects include Estella Heights, Riviera Point, Saigon Centrel, International Center Hanoi, Estella Residences, …

project Keppel Land
Keppel Land – The success of the investors

Undoubtedly, with abundant financial resources and professional staff, experienced in investing, developing many high-end projects across Asia as well as being able to understand the geographic, cultural and The people of Vietnam, Keppel Land will continue to reap the success, bringing Palm Garden become the perfect apartment project for all customers. It can be said that Keppel Land is the brand that guarantees the quality and success of Palm Garden in particular and the whole Palm City project in general.

Investor Tien Phuoc

With more than 20 years of experience in investing and developing real estate, Tien Phuoc has been reaching out to become one of the largest investors in the Vietnamese market. Through many years of operation, the projects that this unit is the investor and cooperate with prestigious partners such as Le Meridien Saigon Office and Hotel, Empire City or residential area Senturia Vuon Lai.

Tien Phuoc investor
Tien Phuoc investor with more than 20 years experience in investment and real estate development

Investor Tran Thai

Tran Thai is a company established in 2001, specializing in real estate, wood processing and rubber plantations. During the operation, this investor has also implemented many projects including Phu An Apartment Building, Tran Thai Village, and the current luxury apartment project Palm City – Palm Height.

Investor Tran Thai
Investor Tran Thai

Thus, with the owner has much experience and prestige in the real estate market at home and abroad, certainly Palm Garden after completion will be the highest-end apartment project for all customers.

The Palm Garden project is located right next to the Gem Riverside apartment project, which has a prime location and is the best apartment in District 2 in 2018.

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