Who Invest Power System And Water System In An Apartment?

The electricity and water system are responsible for pulling the clock to each house, but in most real estate projects, the owner has to pay for it instead of handing over the “free” “Power industry, water sector.

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HCMC Real Estate Association (HoREA) has repeatedly reported that businesses (DN) develop real estate (real estate) projects to build electricity and water systems but not reimbursement.

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Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of HoREA, said that the developers had to invest in the whole system of medium voltage grid, transformer station and low voltage grid. clean water supply system to the meter; After that, hand over all of this property to the Electricity Company, the Water Supply Company, operate and exploit the business without reimbursement.

“The total cost of these works accounts for 2-3% of the investment cost of the project by the real estate company and is allocated to the price that consumers suffer when buying a home. The total value of electricity and water projects delivered by real estate companies to the Electricity Company and the Water Supply Company is not yet known, and it is unclear how the assets will be transferred. This is unreasonable for many years because the Electricity Company and the Water Supply Company are also business enterprises that should have invested in grid electricity, water pipes to the apartment meter to sell electricity. , selling water to consumers, “Chau said.

Electricity, water system

Enterprises have to invest themselves in the grid system, water supply for real estate projects

Meanwhile, enterprises operating in the field of information and communication infrastructure such as telephone, television, internet … have for many years abandoned the investment cost of the optical cable system, the transmission line to provide services. Services for customers in housing projects. If electricity companies and water supply companies invest in the whole system of electricity supply and water supply, they will contribute to reducing the price of houses in favor of consumers and new equality among real estate companies. and exclusive businesses.

Responsibility for electricity, water

According to HoREA, Electricity Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City said that the investment in power supply system is the responsibility of real estate developers because in accordance with Clause 3, Article 13 of the Law on Real Estate Business, They are allowed to hand over houses or buildings to clients when they have completed the construction of houses and construction works as well as technical and social infrastructure works according to the schedule stated in the approved projects. and to ensure connectivity to the general infrastructure of the area. “

And in Clause 3, Article 17 of the Government’s Decree No. 11/2013, the obligation of the first-level investor is: “To invest in building a system of technical and social infrastructure facilities in order to synchronize with the system The infrastructure of the surrounding area, in line with the approved project implementation schedule. “

HoREA said that this argument is not standard because electricity companies operating in the field of electricity distribution and retailing must comply with the Electricity Law 2004 which is the legal regulation specialized in electricity.

Because Clause 3, Article 11 on investment in electricity development has stipulated: “The electricity generation, transmission and distribution are responsible for investing in the construction of electricity substations, meters and power transmission lines. and in clause (2.c) of Article 41 on the obligations of the electricity distribution unit, stipulate: “To draw up plans for investment in the development of electricity distribution grids and investment in the development of electricity grids. Distributing electricity to meet the electricity demand according to the electricity development planning and investing electricity meters and electricity transmission lines to the electricity buyers, unless there are other agreements guaranteeing the interests among the parties but not contrary to Regulations of the law with electricity buyers “.

Therefore, HoREA asked the Electricity Company to invest the whole grid system to sell electricity to consumers, similar to the way of telephone, television and internet businesses. , so that home buyers do not have to pay unreasonable costs.

Secondly, the association requested the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade to direct the accounting of the assets of the electricity system which the enterprise handed over to the power sector such as the management of fixed assets or other sources of capital mobilized from socialization…

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EVN HCMC said that before the issuance of regulations on receiving fixed assets of power projects, a seminar was held on October 2, 2015, to collect comments from businesses, including real estate companies… But in fact, HoREA was not invited to attend this meeting. Association and real estate companies are looking forward to working with EVN HCMC.

Electricity, water system

Buyers must suffer

For the water supply sector, HoREA suggested the Water Supply Company invest the entire pipeline system to meter each house and apartment to sell water to consumers, similar to how the phone company works. television, internet, so that home buyers do not have to bear this unreasonable cost.

According to HoREA, the water supply companies selling water through the total meter of the apartment and households bear the cost of water loss as today is no longer appropriate. The Association recommends the Water Supply Company to implement the same mechanism as the Electricity Company to monitor the construction investment process, hand over the water supply system to the apartment meter and manage the operation. As in other countries in the world, so that users do not have to bear the cost of water drainage and have to pay more than the price set by the City through the current meter.

At the same time, HoREA requested the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Construction to direct the accounting of the water supply system assets handed over to the Water Supply Company (in Ho Chi Minh City as a joint stock enterprise) The increase of fixed assets of enterprises from the capital of socialization.

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