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Why are small luxury apartments along West Lake huntted by investors?

El Vino Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence

Investment channel luxury apartment for rent in Hanoi has never been hot. Investors quickly grasp the trend of renting small apartment style homestay due to high demand, attractive profit potential.

Homestay is becoming a trend

Returning after short business trips in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Mr. Dinh Toan (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) has thought of investing in a small apartment in Hanoi for rent, serving people as much as him, or foreigners traveling calendar.

“Luxurious homestay apartments in the heart of the city are highly popular because of the convenience, privacy and security of the building. I rented the same type of apartment when I had to. We have to go to work and also have to reserve many days in advance, “said Dinh Toan.

Bon Chic Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.
Bon Chic Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.

Short term rental services in the form of popular homestay has become popular recently. In Vietnam, homestay also flourishes, but mainly in tourist destinations. In large cities, new homestays are in the early stages of the development cycle, while much of it is due to huge demand. Not only serving tourists, homestay towns also serve large numbers of short-term business travelers.

Looking to that object, investors in Hanoi are interested in high-end apartments, small area, located in the center, especially in the central location and has beautiful landscapes as the area near Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake …

Location, utility decide the profit

Grasping the right trend of “the throne” of the homestay apartment, investors only half way through the investment firm to win. The remainder, must choose a good location, located in the project  invested in a new system of utilities to maximize profits in the long term.

According to Savills, Tay Ho and Hoan Kiem are always the two highest earning districts in the capital, at $ 2,500 / unit / month – about 30% higher than the market average. For Tay Ho District, occupancy rates are also among the highest, reaching about 80%.

El Vino Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.
El Vino Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.

On a daily basis, homestay tenants in Tay Ho district can earn over VND 2 million per day.

West Lake is the place to be welcomed foreign guests. According to the Tourism Department of Hanoi, in the first two months of 2018, foreign visitors to Hanoi reached over VND1 million, up 31% over the same period, of which the number of visitors is very large, more than 758,000 turn..

This is the “bright door” for investors who have selected high-end projects in the West Lake District, such as Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence for example. This complex is ready to go into operation with a synchronous utility system such as Sun Plaza Shopping Mall, food court, 5-star coffee … by international partner JLL. physical.

The interior is the “magnet attraction”

For homestay in the city center, priority is given to small apartments, with only one bedroom or studio apartment “all spaces in one”, not divided into separate bedrooms. . Small, cozy, comfortable accommodation will always be “welcome” foreign guests as well as those who need space for short stay for work.

According to the experience of investors, the interior design is available to play the role of “make personality” for the apartment, creating strong attraction for short-term tenants, especially with foreign visitors. This also determines the number of loyal tenants and increases the occupancy capacity of rental apartments.

El Vino Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.
El Vino Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence.

Therefore, the selection of high-end apartments is an advantage because apart from the synchronous factors in terms of utility, the project landscape, investors are often very interested in the style of luxury interior design. , fashionable, most popular. These are factors that ensure the creation of an impressive accommodation space for tenants once and will always choose again when returning to the capital.

As in the project Sun Grand City Thuy Khue Residence, the owner just select an apartment with the corresponding interior package. Because of the sophisticated and sophisticated capital, Sun Group’s investor has made many interior design suggestions that are most suitable for each type of apartment, catching up with the latest interior trends. With creative design, sophistication, it will certainly be a living space full of inspiration, comfortable enough, whether to live or rent, the owner is completely satisfied.

Investment channel apartment for short-term rent easy to bring high profit and sustainable if investors know the right location, grasp the psychology of potential customers. That is why small luxury apartments in VIP areas such as around the West Lake are always on the market.

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