Why Choose To Live In The Urban Thu Thiem?

Thu Thiem New Urban Area is located on the East bank of the romantic Saigon River facing District 1, with a total area of 657 hectares.

Thu Thiem urban area is planned to be a new, modern, comfortable and expanding center of Ho Chi Minh City. With its function as the center of finance, commerce and services of the city, Thu Thiem will be a cultural center, an ideal place for rest and recreation.

Do you believe that the center of all connections is here – Thu Thiem Urban?

According to the approved 1/2000 scale, the Thu Thiem urban center is located in Thu Thiem, An Loi Dong and a part of Binh An and Binh Khanh Ward.

Thu Thiem new urban center is divided into 5 main areas, including Central Core area, residential area along Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, Northern residential area, East residential area.

Talking in the convenient location of Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Thiem is the center of all connections.

Have you imagined your living space when coming to Thu Thiem?

Thu Thiem urban area is divided into 8 functional zones and each functional area, has its own characteristics of the use of mixed use, the density of construction separately, public spaces and distinctive highlight works.

  • Functional zone 1 is located in the north of the Central Core. This is a high density commercial and service center. There are also important public highlights such as the Exhibition Center with Pedestrian Bridge that connects the Museum and the Symphony Hall.
  • Functional zone 2 is located in the south of the Central Core. This is a high-density complex with commercial, residential, multi-functional functions and recreational sports that cater to the needs of every customer. The whole area is divided into 3 small zones:
  • Zone 2a is located north of East-West Boulevard
  • Zone 2b – Observation Tower Complex
  • Zone 2c – Sports Complex

Functional zone 2 is like a miniature city. Thu Thiem is indeed a place to live, giving you the world’s best experience.

  • Functional zone 3 is a multifunctional commercial area located along the Arc Boulevard. Important public buildings in the District are the School and the Museum opposite the Exhibition Center.
  • Functional zone 4 is a mixed-use residential complex north of Thu Thiem urban area with high-density multi-functional commercial buildings concentrated mainly along the Arc Boulevard. And the mixed population functions with low density public works towards the banks of the Saigon River and the large Ca Tre canal with three Schools, Local Government Administration, fire station, Living Center Community and fuel supply station.
  • Functional zone 5 includes the North West Public Works area and the low-density residential area south of the East-West Boulevard. Commercial buildings such as Children’s Palace, Fuel Supply Station, Two Schools, City Administration Building, Community Center.
  • Functional zone 6 is the area along the East-West Highway and between the canals of the Thu Thiem Peninsula. It is expected to be the venue of the Software Park – the focal point for economic activities and information technology research. Next to it is the International Hospital, which makes access to the hospital quick and easy. In the south of the East-West Boulevard is a functional zone consisting of mixed commercial blocks, behind which are quiet quarters and lower densities. The whole area is well-served by public transportation routes such as buses and subway lines leading to the hospital and software parks. Functional area 6 is the place of the world of modern technology and facilities.
  • Functional zone 7 includes many functions: resort area of the Southern Delta mixed with the natural landscape of Thu Thiem. The hotel is specially designed to ensure privacy as well as connection to the rest of the project. Next to it is a marina complex with all sorts of sizes with a passenger port function.
  • Functional zone 8 is a submerged area in the south, selected as the most diverse ecological development area in the Thu Thiem urban area. Most of this area is mangroves, with navigable waterways being dredged. Projects to develop here are well considered to conserve the peninsula’s important area.

There are three major development projects in this area: the Southern Pearl River Resort, the Water Park and the Botanical Research Complex.

These projects are designed to be sustainable, ensuring that the southern wetland develops steadily and serves its role in Thu Thiem urban area in particular and for the whole city in general.

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