Why Do The Residents Object To Renting Office Space In The Condominium?

Condominium for office is no longer new, and this issue has never received the support of residents.

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The capital was built for the purpose of accommodation, but many apartments are now used to rent offices, even office apartments can account for 20-40% of total units. building. Even if there is a ban, this situation somehow, still blatantly happens every day.

Rampant office for rent in condominiums

Do not need to go to office buildings such as Vinaconex, Handico Tower, ACB office building, we can almost see the office for rent in an apartment building. Over the past few years, as the number of small and medium businesses sprout so much, the situation is more and more widespread, so alarming.

Office for rent in the apartment

Renting office space in the apartment is mushrooming

Visit the Golden West building at 2 Le Van Thiem – one of the projects that happened a lot of scandals, the dispute over the quality of construction in the past, it is not difficult to see the staff of office bustle Comes in, especially in the morning rush hour. One floor of the building is also two to three companies located next to each other, most of which are companies, small branches or startup businesses. On the business side, this is clearly a cost-effective way as the cost of renting office space in a condominium is cheaper than renting a business location elsewhere, where employees do not have to worry about concentrating on car parking and other public facilities.

Currently, the rate of office rent in HCM has increased very high, sometimes up to 20 – 40% of the total number of buildings, even more. If there are no control measures, sometimes the office apartment will overwhelm the apartment only after a short time.

The suffering of the inhabitants: No one understands

If you are a resident of a building that occupies too much office space, you will certainly understand the suffering they suffer every day. This is why apartment buyers never agree, even harshly opposed to open an office in the building in which they live.

Office for rent in the apartment

Live with the office folks and 1001 troubles

Noisy and extremely troublesome

While there are only about 3 to 6 members, a little office has 10 employees, a slightly larger company, a few dozen, sometimes close to a hundred employees. Everybody’s lips just say one sentence has become the market. Not to mention the time when they eat the festival at the company, make birthday parties, eight things will be even more disorder. Many offices do not close the main door but to open the gap to make the noise further. Living next to a rented office apartment, you will find it even more horrific than the kindergarten and hear the baby cry every day.

Elevator jams, lack parking

Not only noisy, the cause of elevator jams during peak hours is also a great annoyance of residents. The number of elevators is small because the capital is designed to meet the needs of living, so when there are too many people, it will be overloaded. Nguyen Thi Hoa, a resident of Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh, shared that every morning she was upset because the elevator was too crowded, and she wanted to go to the basement for a long wait. In the elevator is crowded, talk noisily is very polite.

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Office for rent in the apartment

Elevator jams often occur due to overcrowding

Parking in the basement is equally inadequate. Many buildings have already set out working hours, employees at office renters have to move their cars out of the vaults to reserve parking space for returning home workers. Some places increase the postage after 18:00 but it seems that the situation has not improved as well.

Possible risk of fire

Renting office space increases the density of the building, and the increased use of electrical appliances increases the risk of fire or fire. And if there is an accident, the risk of human and property will be very high because the escape stairs system is overloaded, plus the psychological panic of the crowd makes the situation more troublesome. They were hospitalized because of being pushed, jostled during the escape.

There have also been times when residents applied to the management of the building to oppose the rent of the office because of the impact on their lives and the failure of the original commitment. Some businesses, when they see people react harshly, have chosen to relocate, but when things settle down, there are other businesses that fill the gap. The problem of renting office space in the apartment is still the same, still aching but not find the way out.

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