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Why do you choose Iris Charmington apartment?

Charmington Iris Project

Charmington Iris Apartment is a residential apartment project invested by Sabeco HP. Charmington Iris is a very attractive location not only for people living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, but also for the attention of many large businesses.

Located right in front of the road of Ton That Thuyet – this is considered the center of the city. Featuring a 35-storey tower with unique design, it is surrounded by the area known as the “green lung” of the city, Charmington Iris exudes sophistication, shimmering shine, lighting up to the Kenh Te River, not only that, but also direction unique view of the Saigon River.

This will be the ideal place for you and your family, which will bring you many conveniences.

Charmington Iris
Charmington Iris is located in District 4

Owning a prime location in District 4 easily links to the districts of Ho Chi Minh City.

Given the growing condition in District 4, especially infrastructure is being improved and renovated a lot. The Charmington Iris apartment is located in the heart of District 4, which is connected to neighboring districts, so it becomes a prime location in District 4, considered a project of beauty from all directions have a view towards the Saigon River.

 The Charmington Iris is located on the east side of the existing residential area, adjacent to the Lancaster project, to the west, and on the front of Ton That Thuyet Street 60m to the north and adjacent to the existing residential area. From the location of Charmington Iris District 4, it takes only 5 minutes to get to the heart of District 1, go to Saigon’s biggest market – Ben Thanh Market, or go to walking Street  Nguyen Hue. It is possible to go to the southern urban area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City as well as go to the districts such as District 5, 8, Binh Chanh District … in a very short time just take 10 minutes.

Location of Charmington Iris
Charmington Iris owns a prime location that offers many benefits to its residents

Especially, with the right on the front of the arterial road of District 4 – Ton That Thuyet Street, residents of Charmington Apartments can easily get to District 7 via Tan Thuan Bridge or to District 2 by going over the Thu Thiem bridge 3. In addition, around the Charmington Iris district 4 also has many important places such as Nha Rong harbor, hospital, universities, …

Investors bring to customers a high-class apartment with a simple design, delicate in each apartment.

Today, many people prefer to live in less dusty environment, not polluted, to live in a natural environment with watery plants. Understanding the current needs of our customers, Sabeco HP has built Charmington Iris, with nearly 70% of its land used to create a green environment. Charmington Iris District 4 was built in the form of an apartment building, high-end business district.

The 35-storey building with over 1000 units has many different areas: 1,2,3 bedrooms all have views overlooking the two large rivers of District 4, helping you to relax at all times. live there. Each apartment is designed not too sophisticated, but the scene of each apartment is quite simple, sophisticated with full facilities around the apartment. The guest rooms are painted in light colors not too prominent, dazzling to bring luxury and full of gas. In addition, each apartment is arranged very comfortable to take advantage of the maximum area of ​​each apartment. In particular, the highlight of each Charmington Iris apartment is that most of the apartments have a small garden located just outside the balcony of each apartment. Not only bring benefits in each apartment that Sabeco HP also want to bring nature space into each apartment provides a relaxing space for the most comfortable for residents.

Charmington Iris - the most luxury and modern apartment in Vietnam
The Charmington Iris impresses with its unique, refined design in every apartment

The apartment complex boasts over 30 state-of-the-art amenities in the area.

The Charmington Iris apartment design is not only a design and location to attract many customers, it also holds many high-end, modern amenities right in the apartment. The interior of the facility is scientifically arranged in a large public space. Here, the green space surrounding the 35-storey apartment building with which you can relax, enjoy the moments of fun with family and relatives in the green swimming pool area of ​​over 900 m2. Work out at the gym or take care of the energy regeneration in the spa in the apartment with the most modern equipment. Go shopping together with a lot of brands of brands are doing the wind on the fashion market in the trade center, together create a fun space among family members at the amusement park for children or BBQ on the ground floor of the apartment.

Facilities of Charmington Iris
Charmington Iris owns unique, distinctive internal amenities

There are many attractive amenities not only within but also around the district 4 apartments, bringing the highest comfort for each customer when choosing Charmington Iris apartments is a permanent residence.

When choosing an apartment in Charmington Iris, customers are not only enjoying the perfect space, but it also gives them a very reasonable price that matches the income of many people.

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Why do you choose Iris Charmington apartment?

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