Why Is The New Building Forced To Have Basement Parking?

Hanoi has promulgated the “Guideline on determining the size of parking basement for construction investment projects in the area” is a necessary solution, step by step contributing to removing the use of roads, sidewalks as parking places, reserved space for the public needs of the people.

According to the leadership of the Hanoi People’s Committee, the determination of the size of the basement parking for the construction investment projects in the area is based on the current design standards and relevant guiding documents of the Ministry of Construction on the calculation of parking area of construction works, stipulate the minimum norms. At the same time, from the actual requirements such as increased speed of means of transportation; The city’s transport infrastructure is limited, the urban traffic network is unevenly distributed and the size of the area leads to a lack of serious parking space.

Basement dimensions of new construction works shall be calculated on the principle of ensuring that the parking area is in accordance with Vietnamese construction standards, current design standards and relevant regulations of the Ministry of Construction, at the same time, study the layout of the public parking area, depending on the capacity of project, the scale and location of project.

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The results of calculations are given by Ha Noi to new construction projects with public functions, mixed-use, residential land and training institutions. Accordingly, the new high-rise building in the inner city of Hanoi must have a basement area of at least 22% of the floor area used for the project (31 sqm / 100 sqm floor used), while in the inner city expanded and new development of this proportion is 17%.

Hanoi now has over 5.5 million vehicles, of which 5 million motorcycles and 540 thousand cars. The annual average gearing growth rate is about 4.6% (averaged 5 years from 2012-2016). The central metropolitan area has about 590 parking lots and 37.88 hectares of concentrated parking space, meeting approximately 8-10 % of the city’s parking needs.

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Currently, the total capacity of new public parking lots meets about 66% of the city’s parking needs, and the remaining needs are allocated to new residential units and public works, services, facilities, buildings … “The allocation of demand for parking space to residential units and new buildings is also being calculated in the study of the car park and parking facility master plan. This is also a guideline to ensure consistency in the implementation of investment projects, guide investors on the construction of basement parking”, the cadre of the city People’s Committee said.

Talking to the reporter, representative of the Department of Planning and Architecture, the unit in charge of drafting and issued the guidelines “Determining the scale of parking basement for construction investment projects in the area” said: unlike the previous announcement of the construction works, there must be 3 basements, on the actual survey, as a guideline for new constructions in the area. The main objective is to develop and meet the static traffic demand, on a non-rigid basis, to create consensus.

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