Why Is The Productivity Of Sea Resort Alway Over 90%?

Owning an advantage of geographical location and natural scenery, a long-term tourism potential has made Nha Trang become the focus of domestic and foreign investors for many years.

Investors invest creatively, capture the tastes of clients’ tourism and vacation, they have constantly built, expanded and improved Nha Trang City in all aspects such as infrastructure, convenience, services, etc. Carava Resort project located in Bai Dai is an example.

Therefore, the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Nha Trang is increasing. The most specific statistics is the productivity of room is always over 90% at 2-3-5-star hotels and resorts in Nha Trang City. It is certainly sure that Carava Resort is one such potential resort.

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Condotel Carava is an ideal living place

Condotel Carava Nha Trang

Condotel Carava Nha Trang is attracting customers and investors in the last months of 2016 because of its high exploitation potential and economic benefits.

Unlike other Condotel projects located at the crowded metropolitan area, Condotel Carava is far away 25km from Nha Trang City. Therefore, it offers a quiet but modern relaxing space. The highlight in this project is the “sea view apartment” which can bring the fresh air, nice view, and a good feng shui to resort customers. It is an important criterion for traders to choose their resort after a tired working day. In addition, Condotel Carava has a professional and excellent staff, under 5-star facilities that will meet the needs of visitors coming here.

Condotel Carava attracts visitors

If you are in the resort or normal Condotel, visitors will see the reception room or a magnificent artificial pool.  Then come to Nha Trang Condotel, when you step into the hall, you will see the warm sandy in the day or the cold healing sand at night. Mingling yourself with nature, you will feel very relaxed with vast ocean space. Whether Condotel owners or customers also enjoy it, they will feel comfortable with their daily work after the holiday.

Carava Resort project is a 5-star resort

Carava Condotel Nha Trang

Carava Condotel Nha Trang with 5 star facilities

It is in the same area with high-end resorts where one residence is up to 1000 sqm with rental prices up to 22,071- 26,486 USD per day. Carava also has a favorable location for traffic and scenery. Being located in Binh Ba Island, the beach area is peaceful and safe.

Carava resort Nha Trang is built a five-star facilities system. The restaurant system, karaoke rooms, penthouses, pool bars, beach bars, spa rooms, etc, are designed nicely with the stylized images of sea fish and conical hats.

There are the restaurants full of seafood flavors, Asian-European cuisine, modern casino, mini golf, water sports, picnic, etc, that contribute and create a modern and classy resort. At the resort, customers will enjoy all the top classy and high-end service.

When entering the rooms of the Caravans resort, visitors not only feel overwhelmed with a synchronous and modern interior space but also feel close and friendly with green architecture. Moreover, you can be completely safe because there is 24/24 security team, 24/24 security camera, and professional staff.

Carava Resort Nha Trang is a unique architectural work that is a perfect artwork of modern architecture. Therefore, it is not too surprising that most tourists choose Carava Resort is the place for his vacation.

Carava Resort Nha Trang project is open for sale in early December 2016, customers are interested in Carava Resort Nha Trang project please leave information we will send the most detailed project documents for you.

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