Why Is Thu Thiem Peninsula A Good Destination?

It is no coincidence that Thu Thiem peninsula has become a place of super-projects such as Empire City, Eco Smart City, Sai Gon Pearl … This land is really fertile with advantages that there are seldom areas other in Ho Chi Minh City.

Thu Thiem has an area of 737 hectares, strategically located in the northeastern growth ring of the city. The peninsula is located in the middle of the Saigon River. As assessed by many urban experts, few places in the world are close to the urban center but still retain the unique landscape and unique advantages such as Thu Thiem. So this place has been and will be a good destination for investors and customers.

Thu Thiem is limited planning

As we know in most other areas in HCMC, buyers will not know the specific plan of the area. Future information such as construction density, construction works around the project you buy or the height of adjacent buildings … customers will not be able to grasp. Therefore, there have been cases where customers get into the house, the next project to build higher and block the view of the apartment. It is more common to increase the density of construction, create traffic pressure, increase the supply of real estate resulting in the value of investment projects have decreased. And many, many other situations take place. The main cause of these problems is that they do not have or do not monitor the planning closely.

Why is Thu Thiem peninsula a good destination?

General planning of residential areas in Thu Thiem peninsula

But with the urban Thu Thiem is completely different. This is the first place where the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City attaches great importance to the development under planning. The density and volume of projects in this area are strongly approved, especially for low-rise and high-rise buildings. The government strictly monitors the planning and ensures that people’s current living experience will not change over time for at least 50-100 years. If the owner changes the planning or improperly implemented the general infrastructure planning, the Planning Department will intervene in time. This is a guaranteed voucher for customers investing in projects in Thu Thiem. And it is also the difference that creates the greatest attraction for this area.

Thu Thiem has synchronous transport infrastructure

Thu Thiem is now considered as the heart of Saigon and an important area for the development of the city. The city expands its existing center into Thu Thiem and sees it as a nucleus for development in the 21st century. Therefore, this area receives the attention of the city with a lot of infrastructures built.

In addition, the city continues to implement projects contracting, infrastructure. As a result, the infrastructure here is synchronous with the number of projects. Although the density of construction increased, the infrastructure still met the requirements of the population and planning rather than waiting for the capital leading to the extension of the construction process as some other projects. Specific examples for this include late arrivals and capital flight, …

****See more information about the real estate law here: Vietnam real estate law

Why is Thu Thiem peninsula a good destination?

A series of bridges connecting Thu Thiem with District 1 center

Within just a year, almost all main roads in the area have been completed. Besides Thu Thiem 1 bridge, Thu Thiem tunnel, some new roads such as Mai Chi Tho street, Circular lane (6 lanes), Central lane (4 lanes), Sai Gon river (2 lanes) car) has been put into use. In the near future, there will also be the appearance of Thu Thiem 2, 3, 4 Bridge and other routes will help the area traffic as convenient.

Thu Thiem has a good location

Thu Thiem is in a good location, right by the bank of the Saigon River and opposite District 1 of the city center. The location of this peninsula is considered the gateway, the tip of the peninsula. From Hanoi Highway, it is easy to go to the Northern provinces, the East-West Highway linking this place with the western provinces, the South East, the Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway connecting the peninsula to the other side of Dong Nai River. The distance from Thu Thiem to Long Thanh Airport is not too far.

To move to District 1 just move through the tunnel, Thu Thiem bridge 1. With the current infrastructure development shortly after Thu Thiem Bridge 2, 3, 4 was built, the distance from here to the city center The shorter the. From this peninsula towards District 9, Thu Duc District is quite fast.

Thu Thiem is also home to the cleanest land bank compared to the central administrative areas. 99% of land area has been compensated, cleared. Most of the land is not exploited, beautiful feng shui is surrounded by Saigon River. Construction projects will be difficult to flood as some areas of the city.

Thu Thiem owns many public facilities

Why is Thu Thiem peninsula a good destination?

Perspective of central square at Thu Thiem peninsula

Along with the city’s investment focus is the presence of a large number of projects. This has created more conditions for transportation, infrastructure development. Thu Thiem is now known for a number of great public recreational facilities such as the central lake, the new city theater, a 1.5 km pedestrian square, pedestrian bridges, administrative service,…

Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of HCMC Real Estate Association (HoREA), said that in the future, Thu Thiem new urban area will bring a new and modern face than Phu My Hung. With what has been and will be promoted we can fully trust the above assessment.

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