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Why Real Estate Investors Pour Money Into Apartments?

The reason real estate investors pour money into apartment

Utilities, security, payment according to the progress of the project, diversified size and type, convenient for living, easy to sell, lease … are attractive factors for real estate investors in the Large cities being not afraid to pour money into the apartment.

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The first reason investors invest money in apartment: good price

The cost of buying an apartment is usually lower than the townhouse in the same location. The difference is quite large, usually the apartment purchase amount only about 30-50% compared to the street. For the same amount of money, if you buy a townhouse is only a normal middle-class apartment while well equipped with good furniture and facilities can still buy more cars, improve quality of life and improve the owner class.

The reason real estate investors pour money into apartment
Apartment prices are usually better than townhouses

Second reason investors invest money into apartment: Diverse utility

The interior of the apartment is now superior to the old buildings or the project. Almost all the utilities necessary for the resident life are full. For example swimming pool, supermarket, catering services, sanitation, beauty, sports, walking and walking paths, community activities. In addition, the car park is safe, convenient, while the current parking lot is a problem for many people in the city.

Third reason investors invest money into apartment: Security

The reason real estate investors pour money into apartment
Living in the apartment, security issues are always guaranteed

The apartment is protected security 24/7. This is something that many apartment residents and apartment investors appreciate. In particular, for the senior apartment security issues are taken to the forefront. Not only the outer ring protection is required to protect the inner ring, there must be a card in the elevator, the apartment has an outside camera, there is a safe play area in the apartment.

The fourth reason investors invest money into apartments: Diverse area

Basket of apartments is quite diverse with many types of products, many sizes can access more reference information. Buying apartments easily compare, choose products suitable for the needs of residential or investment rental …

Fifth, investors poured money into apartments: stable prices

Apartment apartments are easy to sell on the secondary market because of their stable price, low selling price or too high price which cannot be pushed too far. While it is difficult to survey the town, prices fluctuate frequently. Even the price appraisal certificates of many units about the city are the very big difference.

The sixth reason investors invest in apartments: Flexible payment

The reason real estate investors pour money into apartment
Apartment projects are often guaranteed by banks with flexible payment methods

Buying long-term apartment building is an attractive factor for investors because they can buy multiple apartments at the same time, and at the same time, they have to spend at least a few million dongs a house. ) can still achieve expected the return. For those who want to settle in, paying for apartments in accordance with construction progress easier than paying once when buying another real estate.

The seventh reason investors invest money into apartments: High profitability

With the same level of investment, apartment rental income is usually higher than a townhouse. For example, the apartment on Nguyen Huu Tho street cost VND1.5 billion but can not rent furniture for less than VND7 million per month but the same street area, the same price for rent only VND4 million or buy a townhouse VND5 billion (car alley) for rent VND20 million per month while VND5 billion buy two luxury apartment for rent is VND25-30 million.

Eighth-place investors poured money into apartment: quality assurance

The reason real estate investors pour money into apartment
Apartment projects of reputable investors always ensure quality

The quality of condominiums has improved significantly over the past decade (2006-2007). The apartment has the ability to use more reasonable and effective, diverse sizes, many affordable pockets, intelligent design, light and good ventilation, also popularized new model apartment text room. This move together with the outstanding facilities helped the apartment to reduce prejudices and aversion before, so the liquidity increased sharply in the past two years.

The ninth investment destination poured money into apartment: Suitable for overseas Vietnamese, foreigners

The revised Housing Law has expanded the conditions for foreigners, Vietnamese expatriates to buy houses in Vietnam with the rights to buy, hire, donate, inherit and transfer. For the majority of foreigners as well as overseas Vietnamese, the way of life in the apartment is more familiar to them, meeting many criteria and quality of life they are used to when abroad. As a result, the apartment was chosen and consumed more by this group of customers.

The tenth reason: Guaranteed by banks

Apartments are easy to access credit packages and have a lot of support, interest rates or commitment to lease from the developer. Mortgage-financed apartment buildings will be able to process quickly, with high borrowing rates. Street houses are assessed by banks as low and loans are not as high as condominiums, and the processing time is longer. Over the past two years, investors have been offering interest rate support to buyers of apartments and pledged to lease the first 12 to 24 months at attractive prices to stimulate demand, contributing to the increase in purchasing power of the market.

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