Why should you choose Charmington Iris to stay?

Charmington Iris apartment project is a project to be officially opened in Sacomreal on the market.

Charming Iris apartment is located on the front of Ton That Thuyet Street, in the heart of district 4, close to the famous river in the South that is Saigon River. With outstanding architecture and a variety of services in or around the modern high-end apartments with comfortable living space to meet the needs of each customer. Charmington Iris apartment project promises to be an ideal place for the customer, meeting all requirements from simple to complex from the customer.

Charmington Iris

Charmington Iris is a premier project located in District 4

Charmington Iris apartment has a beautiful location in the heart of District 4

District 4 is a very developed district, attracting many investors to visit. District 4 is not the same as it used to be, a small district on the fringes of the center or the center as people call it. With the latest development orientation in the south and direct access to the sea of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, District 4 has become an important part of the new city center in a total of nearly 930 hectares approved by the government. By becoming an important point in Saigon, this place will be the place to promote the most developed infrastructure in the city, where there are convenient transportation system thanks to many traffic works being The government is working to reduce traffic congestion. And this is also the place of great trade as well as the financial centers of Ho Chi Minh City in particular and our country in general opened.

Location of Charmington Iris

Charmington Iris Apartments, located in the heart of District 4, will bring great benefits to the residents.

Located on the front of Ton That Thuyet Street.

Ton That Thuyet is one of the four roads of the city being upgraded and expanded such as Ton That Thuyet Street, Ton Dan Street, Nguyen Tat Thanh Street and Khanh Hoi Street. Charmington Iris apartment is located on the front of To Thuy Thuy street, 60 m wide, this is an extremely favorable location opposite Vinhomes Khanh Hoi. The apartment is only 2.8 km from District 1; Only 5 km from District 7. This place creates a great attraction for investors as well as business customers who need to open an office here because it is easy to move to center of District 1 in different ways or connect with District 2 through Thu Thiem tunnel, to District 7 go through Kenh Te Bridge. This can be said to make a golden triangular connection to the whole area.

Charmington Iris Apartments provide a comfortable, luxurious space for guests from exquisite design to the exterior of the apartment.

Charmington Iris District 4 apartment is located right next to the largest river in the city of Saigon River and Kenh Te, and there are many green parks around the apartment. Providing a very rich landscape for the project, with the arrangement of green trees in the area of ​​the apartment blended with nature creates a fresh, cool atmosphere for the people here, Very suitable for modern urban areas full of dust..

The apartments are also specially designed by the owner to ensure the privacy of each apartment, open the natural space inside each apartment, bring the atmosphere into the life of the whole area. The apartment models use up to the entire area is designed in the most reasonable way for customers. Investors always bring creative designs, carefully selected feng shui of each apartment, the color of each apartment. Get to the commercial areas that suit the needs of the people inside the Charmington Iris. This will become a civilized, modern apartment building and security system extremely safe.

Charmington Iris project

Charmington Iris has inherited all of the existing utility services in District 4

Enjoy the ideal living space with many amenities in the apartment and around Charmington Iris.

Can confirm that, with favorable location in District 4 of the people will inherit a lot of facilities are and will be in the near future here.

Inside the Charmington Iris is not only spacious, but also contains a range of amenities to suit every customer’s needs. The apartment is located near the Saigon River and Kenh Te, so this area in general and the apartment in particular inherited a very good climate, cool and relaxed. Therefore, investors make the most of this utility by building a green park on the premises of the apartment to bring a natural atmosphere into the daily life of residents, help the life. live as well as the health of the people are better not worry about the pollution problem here. Not only that, there are many useful activities in the park such as children’s playground, stroll, BBQ for families, basketball court for sports fans, swimming pool, gym, spa, mini supermarket, … a lot of convenient services located in the apartment.

Charmington Iris - the most luxury and modern apartment in Vietnam

The Charmington Iris impresses with its unique, refined design in every apartment

Not only within Charmington Iris, there are many modern services such as many large commercial centers around the apartment complex, modern school systems with education Well, the big hospitals or the big electronics supermarkets are right here, …

It can be said that this place will be the place to bring you an ideal life with a green environment, healthy, a civilized area with good education protected the whole security area very safe. Not only that, it also gives people the best benefits, the safest choice Charmington Iris District 4 is a permanent residence.

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