Why Should You Choose Bahamas Diamond Island?

Located on the unique island of Saigon

Located in Binh Trung Tay Ward (District 2), Diamond Island is the only canal island in Ho Chi Minh City with 3 sides bordering the river. To the north-west, it borders on Giong Ong To River, to the southwest, it borders Saigon River and to the east is the artificial river of the small branch.

Diamond Island location

Bahamas Tower

Diamond Island has a prime location in District 2

In particular, the bridge connecting Diamond Island and Mai Chi Tho Boulevard along the direction of the road along the Saigon River was approved expected to start construction in the second quarter of 2017 and Ring Road 2 has been put into use to help delivery infrastructure. The surrounding of Diamond Island becomes more convenient and advantageous, increasing attractiveness and demand here, which means that investment here will be profitable over time.

Location of Diamond Island Bridge

Bahamas Tower

Location of bridge linking Diamond Island and Mai Chi Tho Boulevard

The new Bahamas tower is the second phase of the Diamond Island project, making it an ideal choice for residential, business and investment opportunities for the future of many families. This place is called paradise because you can enjoy the beauty of the dawn every new day.

Location of the Bahamas Tower

Bahamas Tower

Location of the Bahamas Tower in the Diamond Island project planning

When choosing to live in Diamond Island as well as in the new Bahamas tower, you can avoid the chaos and bustle of the city, come to the privacy and tranquility of a green environment, fresh with the most modern facilities.

Every apartment in the new Bahamas towers has beautiful 360-degree views of the Saigon River and District 1. The Bahamas towers are carefully designed and furnished in every room of the apartments. Ensure adequate functional space, ventilation and bring natural light into the room. Living in the Bahamas Tower, you can immerse yourself in nature in the heart of Saigon, enjoy the beauty of the land of heaven, bring peace to the soul.

Sale price and profit margin when investing Bahamas tower

According to the latest published price for the opening of the Bahamas tower, the price of this tower is in the range of VND  45-50 million/ sqm. Considering the overall position with the prime location, the 3 sides of the river and the perpetual view, it can be clearly seen that the Bahamas Diamond Island is priced more attractive.

Not only that, when you choose to buy the tower block Bahamas Diamond Island, you also receive financial support from Techcombank, contributing to bringing you flexible payment methods with attractive incentive policies. In particular, the policy of paying only 30% until the house is received (about 2 years) and two-year interest-free loans are two leveraged policies that contribute to the high return on investment in the Island Diamond project.

According to analysts from Rever’s sales specialists, the return on investment in Diamond Island can be as high as 8%. For example, the average rental price at Brilliant Tower with 1 bedroom is VND 11 million, 2 bedroom apartment costs from VND 15 million and 3 bedroom apartment is over VND 20 million. Analysis of the price and initial investment and incentives from Techcombank when the grace period 0% of the original loan within 2 years, 30% payment was able to receive housing, then can see the return on investment at Diamond Island can be up to 7% – 8%. The apartment will continue to profit thanks to bridges Diamond Island – Mai Chi Tho Avenue. It will be completed in two years.

Successful community

Bahamas Tower

The communities in Diamond Island are mostly successful entrepreneurs

The owner of the residence in Diamond Island is the top businessmen in Ho Chi Minh City as owner Nguyen Kim, owner of Pho Xinh, etc. The number of tenants of Diamond Island Villas is foreigners or foreigners holding high management positions at major multinational corporations in Vietnam.

Bahamas Tower

The feeling of businessmen living in Diamond Island

The location of the building, separated by smoke, pollution and city noise, together with 80% of the green living space, are factors that foreigners consider when choosing Diamond Island as their new destination for family, help children to develop similarly to the green environment in their homeland.

The “Big Men” are creating the island Diamond

To have the most luxurious Diamond Island now is not a simple task that requires the joint hands of famous units in the real estate field.

Bahamas TowerPlease contact Rever 0989.62.62.39 Hotline 24/7 for advice on choosing the most beautiful apartments, financial consultancy, quick subscription and discount on the first sale.

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