Why should you invest in a finished apartment?

You can have the quick profit from leasing, investment budget “soft” than townhouses and villas, do not take much time management … are attractive factors investors choose apartments have perfected.

At present, the apartment has been completed is a worthy choice for customers with cash flow investment medium term or more, for the following reasons:

The first benefit when investing in apartment is completed: quick profit from rent

Investing in a finished apartment can bring you immediate income as this type of real estate is ready to operate at any time. Finished projects with full facilities and services are always easy to rent, get good rental rates and are more interested in the target group than real estate is under construction or apartment. delayed. Apartment projects have been handed over to customers, which are considered by many customers as Masteri Millennium (District 4), Estella Heights (District 2), Gateway Project Thao Dien (District 2) …

A completed apartment

A completed apartment is considered as a safer investment than the projects being built because no waiting time to receive home

Second benefit of investing in a finished apartment: The investment budget is low

The investment budget for apartments is quite reasonable compared with the demand for both saving and investment capital of one billion or more. You can see the same area and location, buy a finished apartment you only have to spend about 20-50% compared to buying a real estate other than townhouses or villas.

The third benefit of investing in an apartment has been improved: saving time managing property

For completed apartments, investors do not have to spend too much time to take care of the real estate management because the problem is already the owner or manager of the work. This explains why so many successful businessmen, but the time-limited funds prefer to live in a condominium instead of a townhouse.

For finished apartments, investors do not have to spend too much time managing

For finished apartments, investors do not have to spend too much time managing

The fourth benefit of investing in a condominium apartment is to have a stable income

Investors have stable monthly income from rent, usually from 0.5% -0.7% on total value of apartments. This income is equivalent, even marginally than the bank savings deposit.

Example: If one billion dong you send to the bank with a one-year term interest rate of 7% per year, equivalent to the total interest of VND70 million. If you buy one billion apartments, you rent each month average of VND6 million, spending a year on VND72 million. Thus, the rent is slightly higher than the 12-month savings.

In addition, if you keep the money in the form of savings is certainly unavoidable devaluation of the currency and inflation. If converted into an apartment property, the value may increase over time, at least sufficient to cover inflation or higher. In this regard, the completed apartment can help investors keep and increase the value of the property.

The fifth benefit of investing in a finished apartment is: High liquidity

The liquidity of the apartment has improved better than the product lines: apartments under construction, land, townhouses, villas. The reason for this is: high consumption, moderate price. Because of these advantages, apartments are often classified as easy to buy, easy to sell, easy to rent.

The sixth benefit of investing in a condo is that it is less risky than other types of real estate

Investment in apartments is almost risky, because this is the current property, the money flow through the property continuously. Under normal conditions, the value of real estate will increase at a stable rate of 5-10% per year.

If the real estate market is difficult, the finished apartment will keep the price better than the unfinished project. And when the market recovers and enters a good stage of development, the value of the finished asset may be higher.

The seventh benefit when investing in a finished apartment: Using the facilities available, security is guaranteed

Perfectly furnished apartments are facilities available

Perfectly furnished apartments are facilities available

Apartment has perfect advantages over security, privacy as well as services than other types of real estate such as townhouses, villas.

However, in order to maximize return on investment, investors need to choose a location with convenient traffic connections, located in high density residential areas.

In addition, the important factor is that investors should choose to buy apartments completed from prestigious investors, have real experience in the construction of apartments and urban areas. Prestigious investors, good brands are always ready to make strong commitments with customers on the quality of work, after-sales. These businesses also behave equally, balance between interests and responsibilities with customers.

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