Why should you live in a completed urban area?

Better quality of life, better security, brighter future … are the real benefits when you choose to live in a complete urban area.

The concept of complete urban area has been born for a long time, but now there is no uniform standards. According to surveys in some countries in the region, the minimum requirement for a complete urban area project is 40ha. It also includes other indicators such as minimum road width, land use rate, etc. by the authorities. You can refer to the complete urban model through a number of projects in the city today, such as: Vincity Grand Park District 9 (the project to open sales of Vingroup), Vinhomes Central Park District Binh Thanh District (investor of Vingroup), District 2 City Sala (investor Dai Quang Minh) …

It can be seen that when people become busier and have less time to participate in activities, the complete urban area will be the ideal choice. The standard for a complete urban area is to provide all amenities such as schools, shopping malls, hospitals … In other words, the complete urban area must serve full sufficient daily needs of residents. So what does the completed urban area bring to the residents?

Residents experience a better quality of life

Living in complete urban areas, residents will have a more enjoyable life experience

Living in complete urban areas, residents will have a more enjoyable life experience

Compared with the space of ordinary residential areas, the complete urban area offers greater open space with gardens, jogging tracks and playgrounds suitable for all ages from children to bar. teenagers and even older people. In addition, in clean urban areas, clean air is always ensured by advanced air purification systems, helping residents and children to have a healthier life, better health, thereby ensuring a bright future.

Residents are using superior facilities

In addition to providing comfortable living space, Complete Urban also offers a wide range of utilities and amenities that are best for residents. The facilities include a shopping mall, a mini theater, an overflowing pool, a cozy party area or a fitness area.

VinCity Grand Park's closed ecosystem

The closed ecosystem at VinCity Grand Park (a typical urban area) will help residents to experience all the conveniences without having to go far.

Residents benefit from the surrounding transportation infrastructure

Most of the surrounding urban areas have developed transportation infrastructure with large bridges, extensive roads linking the metropolitan area to the city center. A complete urban area is often associated with important socio-economic zones in a city. It is this that residents living in complete urban areas have easy access to major transport modes, educational facilities, health care, financial, business and leisure destinations. .

Residents are secured by 24/7 security

One of the biggest reasons people choose to live in a complete urban area is security. It is possible to see the regulations in the complete urban area that never allow strangers to live in residential areas without the permission of the residents. In addition, the entire area around the metropolitan area will be monitored by 24/7 automated security camera systems. These reduce the minimum risk of theft or aggression in completed urban areas.

Investment opportunities are higher

One of the biggest advantages of investing in complete urban areas is the low initial investment costs. Most integrated urban areas appear to be located far away from the core of the city and this gives the developer a lower cost of land. Also, since most complete urban areas are still in the construction phase, developers do not have a model based on their revenues. That means the market will benefit the buyer. Compared to other condominium units, the return on investment in rental properties in urban areas is better.

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