With 100,000 – Overnight In Da Lat In The Hotel … Sewer Pipes ?

The house is shaped like the sewer … this pipe is actually the headquarters of The Circle Hostel, the first tubular hotel model emerged in Da Lat.

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Inspired by Mexico’s tubular hotels, a hostel built from giant, stacked tubes was born in a small hill on Dang Thai Than Street, Dalat. Quickly, this hotel has created a fever in the travel fan community, especially young people who are always “hunting” for new experiences.

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

Each round-shaped house is designed, molded meticulously

Each tube is a small room and full of basic facilities, the area is for two people lying. Bedding is the space for shoes and backpacks.

The Circle Hostel was built on a land of 300 square meters and consisted of only 10 L-shaped rooms, so this hotel was also packed.

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

All rooms are lovely but only 10 rooms so The Circle Hostel is always packed

Nguyen Quang Khai, the founder of The Circle Hostel, shared the purpose of this unique shape hotel to “create a common home for people who like to move” yourself.

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

The Circle Hostel – the shared roof for souls

Not many times when the construction, Khai and his wife had to start working again because of the round pipe bj crack. The calculation of material, soil structure, location, as well as the design method to maintain the “sewer” rooms adapted to the typical climate of Dalat land is another problem… About the architectural design of the hotel, the couple also escorted the prestigious architect of Dalat on “advisory”. To get the eye-catching colors, they had to invite professional artists to come to the birth of a beautiful Circle Circle color harmony as the present.

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

The young and trendy design of the young and the new is a big plus of The Circle Hostel

Situated on a small hill, The Circle Hostel allows visitors to gaze out of a vast green space, from pine forest, residential areas to terraced rice gardens, orchards of the villagers. Spread a thin mist … Light up the eyes at the time when the vase or sunset they bring the wonderful sublimation.

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

Guests do not feel cramped because of the four walls, which are close to nature to surprise

In particular, for the purpose of mounting, the yard just before 10 tube houses is used as a gathering area within reach. Here, visitors can rent a hotel room can enjoy the camping all night, barbecue or enjoy the “homegrown” warm entertainment …

Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

The front yard of the hotel is used as space

The convenient location is also a feature of The Circle Hostel. From the hostel only 5 minutes by motorbike to Da Lat market, Xuan Huong Lake, 3 minutes to Phuong Trang bus station and less than 15 minutes to Truc Lam monastery, watching Tuyen Lam lake enchanted in the afternoon.

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Overnight in Dalat in the sewer hotel

The location of the hotel is close to nature, but it is easy to reach the residential area

Room price is also quite soft, suitable for the pocket money of young tourists style dust. Specifically, one person per room will cost only VND100,000 per night, two people per room,  VND200,000 per night, three people VND300,000 per night. The hotel is cheap but extremely busy because only from here, new visitors are closer to nature than ever.

Unique architecture, close and free with nature and reasonable price, The Circle Hostel would become a hot spot in the misty city of Da Lat.

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